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Read the chapter title, chapter summary, key terms, headings, study questions, charts and diagrams before you sit down to read the chapter.  You should know the main ideas of the chapter after this initial survey.  Break the chapter into sections and decide when you are going to cover each section (for example, “I will read pages 12-24 on Wednesday and pages 25-42 on Friday”).  Put this into your day planner and schedule it into your weekly schedule.


Change the paragraph headings or key terms into questions.  Write these questions down in a notebook or on a cue card.  These questions will eventually become a bank of possible exam questions to study from.  If you are using Kurzweil, highlight the question in yellow.


Read until you find the answer to the question you created.


Recite your answer out loud (or quietly to yourself if you are in public)


Write the answer in your notebook or on the back of your cue card.  If you are using Kurzweil , highlight the answer in green.


Make a personal connection, think of an example, make associations, connect experiences and past knowledge.  Now move on to the next heading or paragraph.


Once a week, test yourself using your questions and answers.