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St. Lawrence College Testing Services provide tri-campus support for most assessment needs. We provide a wide range of services to students in need of accommodations, admission assessments, resolved scheduling conflicts, missed tests, and external examinations.

Assessments for SLC Students 

Faculty coordinate your assessment date and time with the Test Centre directly. Please consult your professor to confirm your assessment date and time.

Completed assessments will be returned to faculty. Please consult your professor for timeframes regarding marks and the return of completed assessments.

  • Kingston Campus: The Test Centre is located on the second floor, Room 22160. We are directly beside the Student Association.
  • Brockville Campus: The Test Centre is located on the second floor, Room 212.
  • Cornwall Campus: The Test Centre is located on first floor of the main building, Room M1420.

Photo ID is mandatory for students to be able to write in the Test Centre. Students should also bring the appropriate test supplies, such as pens, pencils, and erasers. Note that students will be given a list of resources/study aids from their professor prior to their test.

In the Test Centre, all students are held to the same standard of Academic Honesty that is set out in their course outlines and discussed at the beginning of each term. If issues/infractions arise (such as cheating) students will not be able to complete their test and a formal note will be made to their instructor for further action.

SLC Testing Services follow consistent best practices for ensuring academic integrity. Test Centre Rules are enforced, in addition to specific faculty instructions and the SLC Academic Integrity Policy (Policy AC831, SLC Academic Policy Manual). Students may also be subject to sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct for any infractions.

Test Centre Rules

Students requiring academic accommodations and/or exceptions from any of the above should contact Student Wellness & Accessibility at in advance of the scheduled test. Non-SLC Students will need to arrange accommodations through their home institution.

Failure to comply with direction from Test Centre staff will result in termination of the assessment and reporting to faculty or administration in accordance with the SLC Academic Integrity Policy. Infractions will be subject to sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Wellness & Accessibility (SWA) at St. Lawrence College offers testing for students who require are eligible for testing accommodations. Learn more about Accessibility Services.

Eligible students must register with SWA for approved accommodations. To register for the first time and request an intake appointment, contact or call SWA:

Kingston: 613.544.5400, ext. 5504
Brockville: 613.345.0660, ext. 3154 or ext. 3111
Cornwall: 613.933.6080, ext. 2709

Completed assessments will be returned to your faculty.  Please consult faculty for timeframes.

Information for SLC Faculty

The Test Centre is intended to only be used by students registered with Student Wellness & Accessibility for approved academic accommodations and by students making up tests with faculty approval.

  • Make-up and missed tests for fewer than 5 students per class. If an alternative testing method can be used for missed/make-up testing please explore this option to relieve the congestion in the Test Centre.
  • The Test Centre is not an alternate site for regular classroom tests
  • The Test Centre is not to be used for reviewing or storing tests
  • The Test Centre is not responsible for printing, copying, or assembling tests or test materials and instructions.

SLC Testing Services are required to prioritize to meet the needs of students with Academic Accommodations. Due to space and staffing availability, faculty must coordinate exam scheduling with each Test Centre directly with five (5) business days’ notice. 

Use this form to submit invigilation requests for single or multiple students requiring accommodations and/or rescheduled assessments.

 Faculty are responsible for notifying the Test Centre of any date changes for testing. 

The Test Centre provides a variety of testing services to internal and external clients. The Test Centre may help coordinate staffing for additional proctoring needs of academic departments in exceptional circumstances. Priority staffing is to meet the needs of students with academic accommodations.

Requests for non-accommodated in-class proctoring support should be made to the appropriate campus Test Centre by email with five (5) business days’ notice: 

OntarioLearn Students

The primary contact for OntarioLearn students may be reached at or 613.345.0660, ext. 3172.

Final Exam Schedule

All OntarioLearn students are given specific write dates for their final examinations. Note that OntarioLearn students will have up to the date provided to write, and should not be concerned if this conflicts with the range of dates given by their host college.

All OntarioLearn students are given specific write dates for their final examinations. Note that OntarioLearn students will have up to the date that the OntarioLearn office provided to write, and should not be concerned if this conflicts with the range of dates given by their host college.

Check the OntarioLearn website to confirm the final date you can write your exam:

A $50 fee will be charged to St. Lawrence College students writing outside of the scheduled OntarioLearn exam dates.

Please contact your desired Test Centre location and schedule an appointment for your Ontario Learn exam. Upon booking, please be prepared to provide the following information: SLC student number, your name, host college, course code, course name, write date, and write time.

Once you have confirmed your appointment, Test Centre staff will direct you to contact to confirm your write date with OntarioLearn. SLC will then be able to forward a hard copy of your exam package to the appropriate Test Centre location.

Exams for External Clients

St. Lawrence College Test Centre offers proctoring services to students writing examinations for external colleges, universities, or government agencies. It is important for students to note that their registered institution will have a proctor request procedure in place. This will require the student to ensure that St. Lawrence College is a recognized test centre and is approved for their testing needs.

Important notes:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to meet the needs of the proctor information that is required from their registered institution.
  • Most request forms will require a proctor signature.
    Non-SLC students will need to arrange any accommodations through their home institution.

To fill in the required proctor information, please email your desired campus in order to complete your request:

Students who are writing for an external institution are subject to the following proctoring fee: a $75 flat fee per exam.

Depending on the college or university supplying the exam, students may be responsible for covering the cost of the proctor. Please check in with your registered college or university in order to determine who is responsible for the payment.

It is recommended that students also inquire about the possibility of a postage fee. If their registered college or university does not provide pre-paid return postage, students may be subject to a $12 courier fee ($50 for international courier) at the completion of their exam.

Students who are looking to write an examination for the Apprenticeship and Trade Exemption Office may register for their examination through SLC's School of Skilled Trades and Tourism by emailing

Once you have registered for your exemption test, please contact Test Centre staff to book an appointment:

Requests to write TSSA exams on Brockville, Cornwall or Kingston campus must be received at least 20 business days prior to the desired write date. Exam applicants are required to pay a Test Centre proctor fee, as well as TSSA application fees.

Complete the exam application form located on the TSSA website. Scroll down the page and choose Application Forms, then Fuels Safety. Click on Application for Fuels Safety Mechanic Examination.

Complete the information required and send the (signed, dated, payment information) application form, Certificate of Qualification or Approval Letter (G2 candidates), Examinations Disability Accommodation application** (if applicable) and a copy of government issued photo ID, (new certification requests only) in an email with your desired write date and morning/afternoon preference to the appropriate campus contact listed below.

Special Sittings for TSSA exams take place twice a year.  Candidates who have successfully completed Gas Technician 2 and/or 3 programs at St. Lawrence College can write at one of our campuses during a specified ‘Exam Week”.  Dates will show on the website when available.

Fee includes SLC Test Centre fee, as well as all fees for TSSA. (Certification and Exam)

**TSSA’s Examination Disability Accommodation Policy can be found on the TSSA website along with the Examinations Disability Accommodation application.  Applicants requesting accommodation consideration must complete the Examinations Disability Accommodation application. 

Register and pay with Continuing Education.

Send the exam applications to:

    Test Centre - Kingston campus
    613.544.5400 ext. 1236

    Academic Assessment - pre-admission testing

    What can I expect?

    St. Lawrence College offers Academic Assessment options for mature student applicants to demonstrate their ability to work at the post-secondary level. Applicants eligible for Academic Assessment are those who do not possess a secondary school diploma or equivalent, and who are 19 years of age or over before starting their program.

    The assessment is a set of tests used to measure the applicant’s skills in English, and/or Mathematics for the purpose of admission to St. Lawrence College.

    ACCUPLACER – College Readiness Assessment

    Due to campus restrictions as a result of COVID-19, only the online option is currently available through the Kingston Campus Test Centre.

    Please contact the Test Centre in order to book an appointment to write your ACCUPLACER Assessment. Photo ID is required to write your assessment and a registration form will be completed upon arrival. The ACCUPLACER Assessment fee is $40.

    Learn more about ACCUPLACER and prepare for ACCUPLACER tests with official practice questions and a free study app that gives you instant feedback and answer explanations.

    Hours of Operations

    Test Centre hours are coordinated based on student need. Please contact the respective campus Test Centre for scheduling needs.

    Contact Us

    Test Centre Room 22160
    613.544.5400, ext. 1236
    Fax: 613.545.3936

    Test Centre Room 212
    613.345.0660, ext. 3129
    Fax: 613.345.7871

    Test Centre Room M1420
    External Testing Room M1432
    613.933.6080, ext. 2139
    Fax: 613.937.1524