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What is tutoring? Why am I being referred to tutoring?

• Tutoring is a free academic support service for students.
• Tutors help students understand course content through the practice and review of course material.
• Writing tutors help students learn effective communication skills and citation rules.
• Tutors may be peers in your class, upper year students, or professional staff tutors.
• A referral to tutoring is one of many options to help you be successful in your courses and program. A referral or request for tutoring should be considered a positive encouragement, and not a punishment. Anyone can have challenges with new subjects, assignments and adjusting to college expectations.

Who can access tutoring?

Tutoring services are free and open to all SLC students! Students may seek assistance at any time in the semester.

What services are available?

• Individual or small group subject-based tutoring in the Academic Support Centre (located in the Library) – drop-in and by appointment
• Individual or small group course-based tutoring with a matched Peer Tutor – meeting times are arranged by the students and must take place on campus (Registration with Peer Tutoring Required)
• Subject or course-based group tutoring – based on availability, demand, and subject area expertise. These sessions are scheduled in advance. (Registration with Peer Tutoring Required)

How do I register for Peer Tutoring?

Register for Peer Tutoring– apply using the online request form. For help registering, stop by the Academic Support Centre (Library) or visit your Student Success Facilitator (SSF). Students will also find the link to the online request form via, Blackboard, and the UR SLC app. 

What happens after I register for Peer Tutoring?

• Check your college email!
• You will receive a confirmation email immediately upon sign-up.
• For most requests, you will be matched with a peer tutor in 2-3 days! Your peer tutor will contact you directly by email. It is important that you promptly reply to this email to coordinate your tutoring session(s).
• For high-demand classes, you may be directed to a group tutoring session. You will receive an email from informing you of the date and time. It is important that you attend these sessions as they are arranged for your class.
• Every effort is made to find tutoring assistance for each request, but peer tutoring is not guaranteed. For some courses and subjects, the matching process may take a longer time. Students may use tutoring services in the Academic Support Centre. If you have not received a confirmation email, or if you have not heard from your tutor, write to

How can I improve my study skills?

Working with a tutor can help students learn through the tips and techniques demonstrated by peer and professional tutors.
Connect with your Student Success Facilitator (SSF) to help find Peer Study Groups to join. Your SSF can also help you with learning strategies such as time management, study techniques, and test taking.
What if I need someone else to talk to?
Use the SLC UR SLC app to find events, activities, clubs, social networks, and workshops on campus. Connect with your Student Success Facilitator (SSF), program coordinator, professors, friends, or student government to find out more about campus services.