Donors Have Major Impact for Students

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By Elizabeth Gorman, Director, Alumni and Development 

Every year we are awed by the impact that donations from our communities have on life and work at SLC. Philanthropic support from staff, faculty, alumni, community members, and industry partners creates opportunities for SLC students and aids them through tough times. We share the key information every year in the College’s Annual Report and have included a few highlights below to demonstrate the impact of donor support at SLC. A huge THANK YOU to all the staff and faculty who give through payroll donations or one-time gifts and support the value of Students First.  

We also continue to engage with and celebrate the amazing alumni of SLC – through the Premier’s Awards, Voyageur magazine, graduating student and Convocation activities, reunions, the new Global Alumni Ambassadors program, and supporting faculty and staff who bring alumni back as guest speakers through our Alumni Volunteer program. 

Positive impacts in the 2022-2023 fiscal year from donations and other support: 

- 661 students received a cumulative $921,570 in donor-funded awards, bursaries and emergency funds 
- 78 students were helped with emergency funds totaling $66,058. Emergency funds provide temporary relief to students in urgent situations, such as those facing emergency housing insecurity, food scarcity, or unexpected travel to a loved one’s funeral. 
- 15 new bursaries and awards were created. 
- 4,244 global alumni engaged with the College through participation, volunteerism, communications, or philanthropy (up from 1,739 in 21/22) 
- Almost $1M has been raised in support of health care priorities to position SLC to respond to our communities’ needs in addressing the health care crisis. This funding will support the creation of new Specialty Nursing Labs on the Kingston and Brockville campuses and renovate and modernize the Paramedic Lab in Cornwall to a state-of-the-art learning and simulation environment. 
- SLC celebrated 50 years of nursing education with open houses on all three campuses, welcoming alumni and community members. 

The Alumni and Development team’s fundraising outreach has been focused on student financial assistance and positioning SLC to respond to the needs in our healthcare sector, but outreach continues for all priorities across the College. A reminder to any interested faculty and staff that an ongoing payroll donation is a simple way to provide support to students who need it through bursaries, the Emergency Fund, or another priority at SLC. 

Questions, ideas, opportunities to work together? Please reach out anytime to the team through 

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