Call for 2023 Premier's Awards Nominations

Colleges Ontario Premier's Awards

St. Lawrence College is seeking nominations for the 2023 Premier’s Awards and calling on our SLC community to help us recognize our grads making a difference in their communities and blazing a path for others. This is an opportunity to highlight our wonderful grads and demonstrate how their college education contributed to their success.

The deadline to submit nominations is May 8, 2023.

Premier’s Awards Nomination Form

Please provide your suggested nominee, along with brief details of your nominee’s accomplishments and reasons for consideration. Please note that your highlights will help our selection committee in the process. 

Questions? Contact SLC's Alumni and Development Team at 

About the Premier's Awards

The Premier’s Awards are administered by Colleges Ontario and recognize graduates in the following seven categories:

  • Apprenticeship
  • Business
  • Community Services
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Health Sciences
  • Recent Graduate (2018-2022)
  • Technology

Full details and descriptions

Points to Consider

  • Has the nominee made a significant impact on the nominee’s chosen career?
  • Has the nominee made a significant contribution to the nominee’s sector?
  • Has the impact been recognized by others in that industry and profession?
  • Has the impact helped shape or change the lives of others?
  • Has the nominee made a significant contribution to the nominee’s community?

College Education

Was the decision to enter a program and apprenticeship training key to the nominee’s success?
Is it clear that the program or apprenticeship training was a factor in the nominee’s success? 
Would others be inspired to enter a program or apprenticeship training after hearing the nominee’s story?

Please read about our latest nominees in this year’s Voyageur magazine or see our website for past nominees and recipients. (note: grads can be renominated if they haven’t previously won).



Tradespersons take great satisfaction in their hands-on creation and maintenance of much of what is used on a daily basis – from infrastructure and energy projects to industrial maintenance to automotive servicing to attractive hairstyles.

The nominees in the Apprenticeship category are experienced professionals and/or entrepreneurs well-respected in their communities and their profession for their contributions.


Businesses deliver products and services to consumers and create countless job opportunities for the marketing, selling, creation and managing of them. Business careers exist in both the private and public sectors in areas such as accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, real estate and sales, to name a few.

The nominees in the Business category are devoted entrepreneurs and innovators. They are leaders who are strategic and creative. Previous winners have held executive positions in companies such as a global courier and a leading financial processing service provider.

Community Services

People who work in community services share a passion for helping others and making a difference in the world around them. Their careers are devoted to providing services and support to people from many walks of life, including individuals with disabilities, addiction or mental health issues, newcomers to Canada, refugees, low-income families, Indigenous People, members of the LGBTQ community and many others.

Nominees in this category have studied in areas such as counselling, child and youth services, education, firefighter training, police foundations and social services. Winners in this category have included passionate authors, community activists and social advocates.

Creative Arts and Design

Creative Arts and Design is a broad field that includes such areas as broadcasting, fashion design, filmmaking, photography, interior design, as well as many culinary arts, fine arts and commercial graphic art programs.

This group of graduates’ work requires imagination and dedication. Past winners have included an internationally acclaimed TV director, top chefs, leading playwrights and an Academy Award-winning animator.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences covers a range of professions, from those directly involved with patients to those who support, manufacture and produce medical and health-related products and innovations. These experts combine their skills with a strong desire to help others.

Nursing, nutrition and food services, dental services, and personal support worker programs are among the fields covered in this category. Winners have included a hospital CEO, a world-recognized paramedic, a dental hygienist who helps children in developing countries and a decorated military medical officer.

Recent Graduate

This is a diverse group from across the playing field. Entrepreneurs and leaders who use their skills and training to jump-start their careers are eligible to be nominated in this category. Previous winners have included a senior writer and editor at CBC Toronto, a general manager at a winery and the president of a million-dollar travel bag startup company.


Individuals in the Technology category seek to improve people’s quality of life through innovations in technology and/or information and communications systems. These trailblazers advance the culture by creating cutting-edge initiatives.

Think of professionals working in physical sciences, as well as design, production and the engineering of man-made structures and technologies. Recipients of this award have included an award-winning railcar design expert, an inventor of high-altitude wind turbines and the principal of a construction firm who has hosted a TV show.

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