Annual Giving

Join us as we invest in preparing today's students to meet and create tomorrow’s opportunities.

In today's economy, post-secondary education is no longer just an option - it's a requirement. Our economy requires highly skilled and adaptable employees to keep pace with a rapidly changing environment, and St. Lawrence College is well-positioned to provide the education that our communities need. Yet education is not without its cost, and while the College is certainly an affordable option when the alternatives are considered, many students who have more talent than tuition face a financial barrier to obtaining a diploma, certificate or degree. Over 70% of current St. Lawrence College students have sought financial aid – ensuring they will graduate with debt. A number of students every year must cut their journey short, unable to continue to fund their dreams.

At the St. Lawrence College Alumni and Development Office we are trying to ease that burden, but just this year we had over 1,000 students apply for multiple awards of which there are fewer than 500 available bursaries. Student Aid continues to be the priority for the majority of our annual donors, and we hope you'll consider joining them. Our endowment for student financial aid is now close to $8 million, and the number of donors who have chosen to create Expendable Student Awards continues to grow.

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Special Funds have been created to enhance the learning environment for our students:

  • The Extraordinary Learning Fund supports student initiatives that allow faculty and students to engage in and/or develop activities that will have a demonstrable benefit to their academic studies.
  • The SLC Alumni Fund has been created by our graduates as the rapid response vehicle to ensure students have the support they need to complete their education - whether it's emergency funds, textbooks or learning supplies, or help with the additional costs that come from placements and co-ops. You don't have to be a graduate to support the fund, you just have to be committed to meeting the needs of students.
  • The Student Emergency Fund is for students that have unexpected situations occur that they are not financially prepared to absorb.
  • Special Interest Giving is a way for graduates, their families, College employees and communities, to give to the projects at the College that have special personal significance. Whether it's an athletics team, academic project, student government or clubs, or to fund scholarships, bursaries or extraordinary learning opportunities for the program from which you graduated, the 'special interest' is yours, and we'll work with you to find the right project.

Make your gift online through our secure donation site

There are several active appeals. Listed below are those specific to a particular area, or you can make a gift to the College or to any area of your choice by going to the main donation page at and identify your wishes in the box marked as ‘area of personal interest’ and select or add yours.

To find out more about how you can support these funds or an area of your personal interest through an annual gift or monthly credit card donation, contact or call 1.800.228.4664.