Special Interest Giving

Special Interest Giving  is a way for graduates, their families or College employees to give to the projects at the College that have special personal significance. Whether it's an athletics team, academic project, student government or clubs, or to fund scholarships, bursaries or extraordinary learning opportunities for the program from which you graduated, the 'special interest' is yours, and we'll work with you to find the right project.

Annual class, family or staff gifts support much-needed student bursaries, capital upgrades, and other academic programs and projects that enable St. Lawrence College to deliver a first-rate academic experience and an exceptional learning environment to a diverse group of future graduates.

The St. Lawrence College Alumni and Development Office has an ongoing commitment to enhancing our program of student bursaries and scholarships. As the costs associated with post-secondary education continue to increase, the demand has never been greater for financial aid. Bursaries and scholarships can make a real difference in the life of a student, and can assist them in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Donor Nights are typically held on each of our three campus communities in the fall to bring donors together with the students they've helped. In addition, graduating students receive scholarships at our convocation ceremonies.

Donors are involved in the naming of the bursaries and scholarships, their direction toward a particular campus or academic program, and are invited to work with our Alumni and Donor Relations Officer to develop selection criteria.

Awards typically fall under one of two categories:

  • Endowed Awards
    Endowed awards are created when a specified minimum amount of capital is invested. The interest generated each year is drawn off and presented perpetually. The endowed principal remains untouched.
  • Annual Awards
    Annual awards are established when a sponsor commits to donate a specified minimum amount of capital each year for a minimum of three years. The entire amount is presented each year. Sponsors supply a letter of intent to fulfill their pledge for a specified number of years.

To find out more about how you can support these funds or an area of your personal interest through an annual gift or monthly credit card donation, contact  or 1.800.228.4664.

For information about creating an endowment, please contact Marie Miller, Senior Development Officer, at or 613.544.5400, ext. 1910.

St. Lawrence College’s goal is to provide a teaching environment that is current and leading edge just as a student would find in their future place of work.  In order to do this the College works with businesses to make donations of equipment and/or supplies that allow real world learning opportunities.

Gifts "In Kind"

Gifts "in kind" consist of tangible items as opposed to a donation of money. The College accepts gifts in kind as they relate to academic programs for the benefit of our students. In many instances, a receipt for tax purposes can be issued for gifts in kind.

Examples of gifts in kind which the Alumni and Development office has accepted in recent years include: computers and software, books, specialized lab equipment, and even automobiles.

Please contact the Alumni and Development Office to discuss how your gift can make a difference to a program or the College as a whole.

To find out more about opportunities for giving please contact:

Alumni and Development

To find out more about how you can support these areas of giving contact: