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Someone disclosed to you they were sexually assaulted, how should you respond?


Listen and believe them

Validate their feelings about the incident

Show them you support and care about them

Help them find resources or make a complaint

Understand your own limits and comfort level, encourage them to talk to a trained professional like a counsellor, social worker, or healthcare provider

Do not…

Push them to go into detail about the incident

Minimize what happened to them

Tell anyone without the permission of the victim

Force them to go to the hospital or police

Most importantly, make sure that person is safe, heard and supported.

If they would like help filing a report, here are some Reporting Options:

Kingston Police Services – 613-549-4660

Campus Security and Emergency Services – 613 544-5400 x 5555

Student Rights & Responsibilities Officer – 613 544-5400 x 1434

For non-emergencies, please make a report to the Behavioural Intervention Team.