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Sandy Singers

Sandy Singers Honorary Diploma Recipient 2014

It would be wonderful if someday our communities didn’t need the food bank, but with such a demand, it’s great to know Kingston has a champion like Sandy Singers. With his legacy of caring, helping and nurturing, Sandy recently celebrated his 20th anniversary at Kingston’s Partners in Mission Food Bank (PIMF). He is a critical community partner who helps both individuals and families in need through PIMF.
Sandy, an accomplished musician, grew up in Toronto and moved to Kingston in 1980.  He and his wife Leslie are parents of two girls and it was the desire to spend more time with his family which led him to seek out a day job as Warehouse Manager at the Food Bank, a position he held for eight years.

“This job turned into my career, and a calling to help others,” Sandy said. “I saw firsthand the incredible need in the community; this year alone we have helped more than 6500 people in the Kingston community.” Sandy became the Executive Director twelve years ago; a position he still holds today. With innovation, talent, and creative mind, Sandy was able to foster partnerships and come up with new ways to increase awareness and assist with the growing needs of this important facility.

His music career runs parallel to his role with the PIMF and sometimes intersects, such as when his band Soul Survivor reunited after a ten-year hiatus to create a music CD with proceeds going to the Partners In Mission Food Bank. Sandy is the lead singer of the reunited band Soul Survivor, which continues to perform today.

Sandy works diligently with community partners and has been able to successfully secure and improve the facility to meet the increased need. “I try to ensure that PIMF maintains a positive and visionary profile in the community which in turn increases the sustainability of this much needed facility,” he said.

In addition to his position as Executive Director, Sandy volunteered with the Kingston Social Planning Committee, co-chaired the Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty Reduction, was a member of the Meal Providers Networking Group, a board member of the Food Sharing Project and involved in many additional projects.

Sandy exemplifies and instills the pay-it-forward principle and works closely with St. Lawrence College’s Enactus SLC team members and Business, Energy Systems Engineering Technology, and Community Integration through Co-operative Education students. Sandy nurtures the experiences of these students by providing them with engagement opportunities. His passion to help people’s lives continues to impact the Kingston community.

 “I work with a dedicated army of volunteers who not only give of their time to build hampers and sort food, but also conduct food drives and collections,” he said. “I wouldn’t be able to do my work without the volunteers”. With Sandy at the helm, they have a strong leader with a powerful voice, be it belting out tunes with his band, or speaking up for all of those in need.