Working in Kingston

Population: 136k

Cost of living in Kingston is 14% cheaper than Ottawa and 24% cheaper than Toronto

KGH affiliated with Queens University and ranked as one of Canada’s top research hospitals.

Specialized school programs – Grade 7 & 8 can chose Choices at 7 programs that can provide a unique learning environment and high school – several different High Skills Major programs that allows the student to focus their interests in one area in preparation for college or a future employer.

Oldest farmers market offers local produce and artisans.

Less than 2 hours to the US border crossing, local airport, Ottawa airport and Montreal airport

Sports community – biking, boating, fishing, junior hockey team, trails, swimming in Lake Ontario

Country living within half hour of Kingston with new developments

Largest number of restaurants per capita

7 Local breweries and wineries– Prince Edward County less than an hour away and has 20 wineries

Kingston one of the top cities of the future

Community spirt supporting local business, especially during Covid-19

City of Kingston and business are partners striving to be “Kingston Protocol for Sustainability”

Walkable/cyclable city, driving commute generally 15 minutes, good Kingston transit system

Historic downtown

City is currently constructing the 3rd bridge crossing to give residents in the east end easier access to the rest of the city.

An easy drive from Toronto or Ottawa, Kingston is a dynamic city located on Lake Ontario. Kingston has a stable and diversified economy that includes global corporations, innovative startups and all levels of government. Kingston has a high quality of life that offers access to world-class education and research institutions, advanced healthcare facilities, affordable living, vibrant entertainment, and many delicious restaurants to choose from.

Kingston has a vibrant art community and hosts many festivals and markets throughout the year that focuses on the heart of this city, its people. Through festivals, events, and recreation opportunities, Kingston prides itself on being a great city to live whether you have children, or you are a young professional. A lot of which, take place in Kingston’s historic and beautiful downtown sector, which also plays host to a multitude of restaurants, cafes, and local shops.

Kingston is leading in green technologies and alternative energy sectors, especially with regard to wind energy.

Kingston offers more than 200 beautiful parks that you can visit year-round. They include nature trails, sports fields, seasonal neighborhood parks programs, outdoor skating rinks, off-leash areas for dogs, cycling trails, splash pads and wading pools, and many more. Visit

Other notable factors for Kingston:

-Home to many gyms, yoga centres, and recreational sports teams and opportunities. ie: Kingston tennis club, all the yoga places downtown, Kingston Sport and Social Club, boating and sailing.

-Rich retirement communities and opportunities for elder care and recreational activities. Visit

-airport easily connecting you to larger travel hubs such as Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.

-Great and expanding transit system keeping convenience and environmental ambition in mind.