Working in Cornwall

Population: 46k

Located on the St. Lawrence River between Toronto and Ottawa.

Unemployment sits slightly below national average with Cornwall’s population stable over the last decade while the surrounding region has grown. With high speed networks, Cornwall gives the ability to have a balanced work lifestyle and the ability to telecommute. If a structured work place is needed there are work hubs within the city there is a beautifully modernized co-work space in the Historic Cotton Mill along the St. Lawrence River. Lower cost of living, especially for first time home buyers.

Schools offering quality education in English and French. Schools are close with children can walk or bike home for lunch.

16-kilometre waterfront which serves as a gathering place for special events and a gateway to numerous recreation and leisure opportunities. Complete public access to the waterfront and the various activities. Action is in the works to continue to emphasize what the waterfront has to offer in this beautiful town.

City rich in history and a future-focused direction, along the St. Lawrence River and quick driving distance to Ottawa and Quebec. A city that prides its values on accessibility, bilingualism, collaboration, inclusiveness, innovation, integrity, leadership, transparency, and respect.

-numerous parks and recreational activities highlighted as a great place to raise a family

-large indoor ice rink (Cornwall Civic Complex)

-outdoor parks, pools, marinas

-Cornwall aquatic centre

-family friendly music events and movie presentations

-boarder crossing for the USA (New York State)

-Multitude of adult and youth recreational activities and sports teams to be a part of. Adult recreation programs including: pickleball, table tennis, bridge, badminton, dancing lessons, gentle yoga, ultimate frisbee, tennis lessons, babies and stroller fitness classes, improv workshop, jazz classes. Youth recreation programs including day camps, badminton, hockey, cooking classes, beginner dance, summer playground program, basketball, youth art classes, floor hockey, drama classes, improve classes, arts and crafts workshops.

-great public library