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Utilities Kingston

St. Lawrence Colleges’ Sustainable Energy Applied Research Centre (SEARC) together with Utilities Kingston conducted a re-evaluation to confirm the amount of energy embedded in each cubic metre of water travelling full circle through Kingston Central’s water and wastewater distribution, collection and treatment systems.

In 2013, SEARC deployed current data loggers on behalf of Utilities Kingston to monitor the electrical consumption of all the water pumping stations in Kingston. Upon analyzing the data, it was found that a large portion of energy is wasted in old leaky pipes. The work done on this project by SEARC translated into many infrastructure projects for the City of Kinston resulting in significant energy savings.

Completing this re-evaluation allowed Utilities Kingston to:

● Reduce CO2 Emissions

● Reduce Energy Usage

● Produce Financial Savings

● Save Time

For more detailed information on the research conducted and overall results of this case study, please see the following PDF and video.

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The PDF above highlights the research and results of the study in collaboration with Utilities Kingston.

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This project is outlined in more detail in the video above by Allen Lucas, the Manager of Research & Projects at Utilities Kingston and Hugh McLaren Jr., a Service Advisor of Conservation at Utilities Kingston.

About Utilities Kingston

Utilities Kingston is a unique multi-utility company in Ontario, combining water, wastewater, gas and electrical services and a broadband fibre optics provider in one company under the leadership of a single CEO.


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