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Partners in Mission Foodbank

The Energy Systems Engineering Technology (ESET) program students from St. Lawrence College and student-run Enactus SLC collaborated on a project together as part of the Scotiabank and Enactus Eco-Living Green Challenge. The Eco-Living Green Challenge has been going on since 2009 and the national challenge encourages post-secondary students to identify, create and deliver projects that teach and empower others to implement economically viable solutions to relevant environmental issues in a way that improves livelihoods.

In 2010, Steve Tripp an ESET student and Enactus SLC member conducted an energy analysis of the Partners in Mission Food Bank. It was discovered that the old and inefficient freezers had a significant impact on their energy consumption and operational costs. Implementing a new walk-in freezer would allow the Partners in Mission Food Bank to take in much more frozen food per year. This freezer change correlated to a large amount kWh of savings a year off their electricity bill if the same amount of food were stored in chest freezers.

In addition to the freezer, Steve Tripp and Enactus SLC also helped implement a new solar system. The purpose was to produce additional revenue offsetting electricity cost, resulting in lower carbon emission output. In total the solar system and has generated $ 53,245 (and 66,390 kWh) and reducing 19.8 tCO2 in carbon emissions or equivalent to 8,507 litres of gasoline not consumed since its installation in February 2012.

Implementing these cost-effective solutions allowed Partners in Mission Food Bank to:

● Reduce CO2 Emissions

● Reduce Energy Usage

● Produce Financial Savings

● Provide Better and More Service


For more detailed information on the research conducted and overall results of this case study, please see the following PDF and video.

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The PDF above highlights the research and results of the study in collaboration with the Partners in Mission Food Bank.

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This project is outlined in more detail in the video above by Sandy Singers, the Executive Director at the Partners in Mission Food Bank and Steve Tripp, a successful graduate of the ESET program at St. Lawrence College.

About Partners in Mission Food Bank

Partners in Mission Food Bank seek to provide nourishment and hope to those we serve, and an opportunity for our community to share.

They provide fresh milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables in every grocery hamper and occasionally meat products from local businesses and donors. Monetary and food donations help them to nourish local families by providing groceries through our food hamper program. Being the food distribution centre for this area, they also donate surplus provisions to over twenty local hot meal and shelter programs in the Kingston area.


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