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Completing the SLC-REB Application Form (Researcher)

The SLC-REB Research Application Form (Researcher) is a digital form submitted to the SLC-REB for research proposals that involve human participants. This form is used for both delegated and full board review. The form requires a digital signature. Please submit forms with supporting documents to the Research Services Office at . Research submissions should provide sufficient detail to enable the SLC-REB to evaluate the research proposal for ethical acceptability and compliance with the current edition of Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans.

If you have any questions, please contact the Research Services Officer, Anthony Wright.

Submitting Forms to the SLC-REB

Research project proposal submissions (e.g., SLC-REB Application Form, Ontario Community College Multi-Site Research Ethics Board Application Form, SLC-REB Renewal Form, SLC-REB Amendment Form, SLC-REB Project Completion/Termination Form) and supporting documents should be sent to the Research Services Office at . Please note that digital forms require digital signatures.

Research proposals that pose greater than minimal risk (i.e., research in which the probability and magnitude of possible harms implied by participation in the research is no greater than those encountered by participants in the aspects of their everyday life that relate to the research) should be submitted to the Research Services Office no later than the submission deadline for full board reviews (see SLC-REB Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines). 

Delegated/Full Board Review Timeline

Delegated Reviews: Delegated reviews typically take two weeks for review, however, this does depend on multiple factors such as the quality of the submission and supporting documents, and the time spent between exchanges for more information between the Research Services Office, the researcher, and the reviewers.

Full Board Reviews: Submissions that do NOT meet the criteria for delegated review (i.e., represents greater than minimal risk to participants) will be reviewed at the next SLC-REB full board meeting (see SLC-REB Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines). Full board reviews can take as long as a couple of months from the date of submission to SLC-REB approval. Researchers should take this into considerations when planning their start-date for recruitment.

The SLC-REB does not provide retroactive approval.