Spiritual Support

Spiritual health is about so much more than religion. Spirituality involves pursuing answers to key questions like: 'Who am I? Why am I here? What's the point?' It's the foundation of overall health and well-being. The Spiritual Care Facilitator at St. Lawrence College, is available to all students, regardless of denomination, faith tradition or spiritual conviction. We want to walk alongside you as you seek meaning in life, heal from past hurts, and figure out what comes next. We're here to encourage, support, and cheer you on.

What is our role at SLC?

  • To nurture the spiritual health of SLC students by providing a safe space to ask big questions about self, purpose, and the future.
  • To create a welcoming, non-judgmental, safe space for students on all our campuses regardless of beliefs or background.
  • To help build a community where students can thrive, belong, be unconditionally accepted, grow, and be encouraged.
  • To provide information about and connections to College and local faith communities.
  • To provide one-on-one mentoring, encouragement and support for students struggling with any and all issues.
  • To partner with other SLC services to ensure student success and wellness.

Kathy Doering is our SLC Spiritual Care Facilitator. Kathy is an Associate Pastor at Living Waters Anglican Fellowship in Kingston and has a B.A. (Hon), B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Counseling. Kathy runs small groups, provides one-on-one support and mentoring to students at SLC tri-campus. Perhaps most importantly, when we’re not remote, she always has candy in her office! 

What does THRIVE look like?

Student-led Huddle Groups 

Huddles are small student-led groups of five or fewer students who meet weekly to chat and do life together. Organized around your schedule, huddle groups provide a guaranteed safe space where you can give and receive support, laughs and encouragement. Huddles build resilience and well-being as students grow friendships, enjoy snacks and thrive with a weekly topical chat, a personal check-in and confidential non-judgmental encouragement. Sign up for huddles here!

There are different types of huddles depending on where you’re at and what you need: 

  • THRIVE Huddles (including 2SLGBTQIS+ Huddles) to make friends and contemplate life in a safe place.
  • Faith-based Huddles to make friends, ponder life’s questions and grow in the context of your personal faith and beliefs.

Student Leadership

Our strong student leadership team works together to run huddles and community events on all three campuses while developing deep and meaningful friendships with each other and the students they serve.  We believe strongly in mentoring and we encourage and help our student leaders to never stop growing.  We provide lots of fun opportunities to learn and develop your gifts and skills. Join our leadership team!

One-on-One Support

The Spiritual Care Facilitator is here to help you thrive during your time at SLC. We would love to connect with you one-on-one to provide you with support and encouragement during your college experience.

Spiritual and Religious Supports

Are you looking for a church? A mosque? A gurdwara? A temple? Finding a spiritual community of like-minded people while you study can provide a wonderful source of community, peace and support.  Please reach out to Kathy for help finding a religious community within the school or in the community in which you live. 

We need each other to live joyfully and authentically in our crazy world. We need YOU! We’d love to have you join our community. Join THRIVE.