Brockville Student Administrative Council

The Student Administrative Council would like to welcome all new and returning students to St. Lawrence College.

The purpose of the Student Administrative Council, or SAC, is to provide a service of representation for the College student. The vision of SAC is to professionally and responsibly represent the interests of the students in the college and larger community. We strive to enhance the students' overall educational experience by providing and promoting programming that is responsive to the developmental needs of the student including social, cultural, physical, recreational, intellectual, and governance areas.

This year SAC will be working to ensure the goal of student satisfaction. It will be like no other. Our Life's Needs Program and Food Bank are up and running, also we have more activities for students along with new ideas for the pub and lounge. Our student newspaper "The Navigator" will be making its usual monthly appearance with a cleaner more colourful style.

We will do our best to assist you in whatever capacity that we can.

Our door is always open for students!

Student Administrative Council (SAC)

May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021

President: Janis Denechaud
613.345.0660, ext. 3261

Executive Vice President
613.345.0660, ext. 3281

Vice President of Student Life: Mary Holmes
613.345.0660, ext. 3257

Vice President of Finance: Madumathi Rameshan
613.345.0660, ext. 3243

Ensuring a Quality Education

One of our roles as your student government representatives is to ensure you are getting the quality education you deserve. We accomplish this mandate by representing the students' interests at the College, local, provincial, and national levels. Additionally, we act as advisors and committee members for student complaints and academic appeals. Whether the issue is the price of books or parking, level of funding from the provincial government, or bus service, we are here to advocate for you.

The Navigator

One highlight for this year's students is the graphic, high resolution and colorful 'zine' style newspaper free of charge. Progressive and informative, the Navigator's purpose is to support and promote all means for students to experience diverse and healthy experiences at St. Lawrence College and in the Brockville community.
To reflect the diversity of our student body and global community, the monthly paper will cover a wide variety of topics from sports scores and highlights to event photos, as well as a section for fun and games, student services, CSA news, and student contributed articles. As always your contributions are welcome!

Schooners Pub/Lounge

The Schooners Lounge is a great place to kick back and relax. Whether it is to watch TV, listen to music, play Xbox, play pool or Ping-Pong, or socialize, the Lounge is there and is available to all students of St. Lawrence College.

Thursday and/or Friday nights are the place to be with our numerous theme style pubs and event nights. The Schooners Pub is a great place to meet new and old friends, and to forget about the stress from the hard week. Friday afternoons are a great way to relax and talk about the week that was, enjoy a moment with fellow mates and staff, before heading out for the weekend.

The Schooners Lounge/Pub is run by the students for the students. If you are interested in booking the Pub/Lounge for a social event, class party or fundraiser pub, contact ext. 3240, or at the office located in room 278.

Other Services

  • Locker Rentals
  • Day trips
  • Class designated funding
  • Food bank
  • Bus passes
  • Grocery cards
  • Life needs products
  • Visit our blog

Contact SAC

Annette Reuvers
General Manager, SAC
613.345.0660, ext. 3217