Preferred/Chosen Name

St. Lawrence College recognizes that many students use a name other than their legal given name and would like to use this name in their activities at the college. 

Name Change

Legal Name

Your legal name is the name under which you are registered in Ontario or another Canadian province or territory. For non-Canadian students, the legal name is the name found on immigration documents or a passport.

If you have completed the process of a legal name change and need to change the first, middle and/or last name on your college record, you must supply supporting legal documentation and complete this form.

Student Preferred/Chosen First Name – SNAP!

SNAP! allows SLC students to use their preferred/chosen name. Students can update their preferred/chosen first name and register and optionally display chosen pronouns in the SNAP! app. Email addresses can also be modified to match the preferred/chosen name. Changes will be displayed immediately in the Student Information System and 24 hours in Teams and Outlook.

Login to your account and click the link below to begin the process.

Please be aware that changes for LinkedIn Learning will take up to 72 hours. Changes will NOT be activated in UR-SLC or SLC Safe.

Inappropriate name choice

The SNAP! process is a formal activity. Preferred/chosen names that contain inappropriate or offensive language or are being used for misrepresentation are not permitted. The College reserves the right to remove a preferred/chosen name if it is deemed by the Registrar’s Office to be inappropriate and further disciplinary action may be addressed according to the Student Code of Conduct. Students will be notified if their name choice is not permissible.

This service may be altered or rescinded at the discretion of St. Lawrence College.


All official documentation and records require the use of a legal name, including diplomas, transcripts, certificates of enrollment, financial aid, T2202, and others.

frequently asked questions

IT support desk at 

You can have your student ID card updated with your preferred name by visiting Student Services on campus.

No. All official College documents must display your legal name.