Arrival to Canada

Before Traveling To Canada - ICent Travel Forms

Before you travel to Canada you MUST complete the MANDATORY FORMS on the iCent app. You can download the iCent app here.  You must complete the following 3 forms:

  • Student Information
  • Emergency Contact
  • Arrival Information

Once you have completed these forms, SLC will send you an important email with details outlining your next steps once you arrive in Canada.  Please complete all forms at least 1-2 weeks before you arrive in Canada.    

The iCent app also has a "Before You Travel Checklist" which is very helpful to review everything you need to do before your flight and what to bring with you when you travel to Canada.  This includes reminders for things such as required documents, what to pack, pre-departure sessions and housing arrangements.

The iCent app has an "Arrival Checklist" which helps you with a list of items that you should complete once you land in Canada.

This app also features a 24/7 iCent Chat Desk.  This allows students to ask questions at any point of your journey and someone will be available to answer your questions at any time of the day.  You can also reach out to SLC if you have any questions at  We are here to help and wish you a safe trip!

Arrival to Canada – Random COVID tests have returned to Canadian Airports

We would like all our students to be aware that random COVID testing has resumed at Canadian airports.  People will be chosen randomly and must comply with a COVID test.  Once you complete your custom declaration form, you will receive an email within 15 minutes if you have been selected for a mandatory COVID test

This test will now take place outside the airport.  If chosen, you will either carry out your COVID test through an in-person appointment at a select testing location or by a virtual appointment using the self-swab method.  They will instruct you on how they would like you to complete your testing.