Students with in-person activity will only be notified IF their class, lab, or placement is impacted by the lockdown.

Affiliate Programs in China

Through collaboration with the global and local community, many of our programs are delivered at public colleges in China. International joint programs are part of the success of SLC’s and partner institutions’ internationalization effort. A joint program is 3 years in duration and awards two diplomas – a Chinese College Diploma and an Ontario College Diploma. Students can choose to attend all three years in China to get a double diploma or attend the third year at St. Lawrence College. Graduates can apply to transfer to St. Lawrence College global partner institutions to get a Bachelor Degree after graduation.

Our programs offer the following features and exceptional learning opportunities:

  • Integration of Canadian and Chinese curriculum
  • Global perspectives and intercultural awareness infused in all learning outcomes
  • Student-centred teaching and assessment
  • Graduate's strong ability in English to have a competitive edge in Chinese labour market and access to the global job market
  • Pathway for students and graduates to study in Canada

Partner Colleges and Universities

Computer Programming & Analysis

The CP program provides hands-on experience in developing computer programs to satisfy business requirements. Graduates are well trained for a career as a programmer. This program is well-suited to people who are interested in computers, but not math, physics or electronics.

Tourism Program

This program will provide students with the opportunity to excel in the vibrant, rewarding and highly mobile tourism industry. The skills students acquire in this program reflect employer needs and will help ensure that students are ready for the work environment. Art and cultural tourism, hospitality and tourism law, sport tourism, special events planning and management, eco and adventure tourism, and historical tourism are but a few of the many subject areas that students will explore.

Mechanical Technician Program

The Mechanical Technician program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to pursue a career as a Mechanical Technician or as an Industrial Mechanic (Millwright). Graduates of this three-year program will work in a broad range of automated manufacturing facilities.

Computer Systems Technician Program

This program will prepare the student to fill the role of technical support in the dynamic and expanding field of client/server comput­ing, enterprise networks, administration and Internet management. A num­ber of courses in the curriculum are delivered in dedicated a lab using exclusively assigned computers, servers and diverse equipment.

Business Marketing

This program provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of business administration and introduces students to major areas of the marketing discipline including Quantitative Methods, Marketing Research, Sales, Integrated Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing and Social Media Platforms. Students also build skills in Economics and Venture Development.

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education Program prepares graduates to work with children (from birth to age 12) and their families in a variety of early childhood care and learning settings. The program combines theoretical study with practical experience. Graduates may find employment in licensed childcare agencies, home childcare agencies, Early Years Centres, school-age childcare programs, school boards in Full-Day and Extended Day Early Learning programs, child-related businesses, domestic or international nannies, or provide childcare in their own homes.

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