Waasaabiidaasamose Indigenous Centre

The Waasaabiidaasamose Indigenous Centre is a comfortable space for Indigenous students to relax, study, and interact with other Indigenous students.

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What does “Waasaabiidaasamose” mean?  

“Waasaabiidaasamose” is Anishnawbemowin for “walks far”. The name comes from St. Lawrence College’s first Knowledge Keeper, Helena Neveu (Waasaabiidaasamose Kwe). Walks Far also speaks to the long and winding journey our Indigenous students and their families endure on their way to post-secondary education and beyond.  We build a community that acknowledges this sentiment and strive to help students overcome their challenges and celebrate successes along their journey! 

The Waasaabiidaasamose Indigenous Centre features:

  • Indigenous resources
  • Computers
  • Areas for work and relaxation
  • Craft sessions and other cultural activities

Indigenous Advisors are on-site in all three locations, and may also be reached by email or phone. To contact Jessie or Shirley by phone without long-distance charges, simply dial the campus number followed by the relevant extension.

Connect with our staff at


Room 03030, Yellow Wing 
St. Lawrence College 
100 Portsmouth Ave 
Kingston, ON K7L 5A6 


Room 277  
St. Lawrence College 
228 Parkedale Ave 
Brockville, ON K6V 5X3 


Room A103, Aultsville Hall 
St. Lawrence College 
2 St. Lawrence Drive 
Cornwall, ON K6H 4Z1 


"It felt really awkward for me at first after being out of school for 15 years and finally going back to college sitting there with a bunch of kids coming out of high school wondering what am I doing here. Everything I was learning was new, how am I going to fit in with these kids, is this for me. Yes, everything was new I managed to catch on to everything I never learnt before, gain some new friends and was a role model to a lot of the younger students and managed to last the whole two years."