Enjoy the convenience of being on campus and the friendships that form when you live in residence. For students who are away from home, sometimes for the first time, living in residence is a great way to begin your college experience.

All of the residences on our three campuses have fully furnished single or double-occupancy suites and common areas for group study and social activities. There are accessible suites available for students with disabilities. With easy access to public transit, on-site laundry facilities, access to college computer labs, library, dining services, and meal plans, and more, residence has everything you need in one comfortable, secure location.

The Kingston campus has a 600 bed residence offering a safe, secure, convenient, and affordable housing alternative overlooking the campus and Lake Ontario Park. The residence rooms are both double and single occupancy.


  • On-site residence staff promoting a holistic residence life
  • Common lounges and study areas
  • Elevator
  • Mandatory meal plan at campus cafeteria
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Accessible suites for students with physical accommodation requirements
  • Vending machines, bank machine and photocopier
  • Security on campus
  • 24-hour front desk staff
  • Video surveillance
  • Card-controlled access
  • Walk-home program available from campus security
  • Well-lit areas throughout


  • Full bathroom
  • Apartment-sized refrigerator in double rooms and mini fridge in single rooms
  • Outlets for microwave and small appliances
  • Smoke detector and sprinkler systems
  • Individually controlled heat and air conditioning
  • Two separate hook-ups for cable and telephone (one in single room)
  • Optional cable
  • Available parking close to residence
  • Utilities and local telephone
  • Updated Wi-Fi in individual suites


You don't need to sign a 12-month lease. The cost for the 2023/2024 Academic year is $6,914.00 for a double room plus the mandatory $2,180.00 meal plan and $7,910.00 for a single room plus the mandatory $2,180.00 meal plan.

The fee is split into two equal payments. An initial payment of $250 is required at the time of acceptance to the residence.

Students may stay in residence during the summer (May-August) for monthly rate. (Please contact )

Kingston Residence Frequently Asked Questions

There are 600 beds available for residents. There are 147 double occupancy rooms and 304 single occupancy rooms.

When you have confirmed your space in an academic program at St. Lawrence College you are now eligible to apply to the student residence. Please DO NOT apply for residence until you have confirmed that you will accept your space in your academic program.

If all of the beds in residence have been allocated to students, you will be put on a waiting list. The waitlist will be determined by the order in which applications were received. If a space opens in the residence, we will offer it to the first person on the waitlist regardless if it is a single or double occupancy room.

You may apply for a residence room as soon as you have confirmed your acceptance of an offer of an academic space at St. Lawrence College.

You may apply online once you have received your acceptance and confirmed your offer from St. Lawrence College.

Once the residence office receives your application, you will receive a residence acceptance package within two weeks of your application submission date unless all spaces have already been filled.

If you are not immediately accepted into residence, you will be placed on a priority wait list for an available spot. Should a spot become available later, we will contact you by email and/or telephone and you will have 48 hours to claim your spot. Please note that it is your responsibility to contact us regarding your residence application if you have not received notification of acceptance by May 1st.

Everyone who is accepted into residence must fill out a “Room Preference Questionnaire”. This questionnaire contains many different questions concerning your interests, study and sleep habits and how social you like to be. Based on these profiles, we place you with a roommate of the same gender with similar interests. If you have a friend who will be living in residence, there is an option to request him or her. As long as you both individually request each other on you room questionnaire, we will place you in the same room.

Roommate contact information will be mailed to you the first week of August. Please feel free to contact your roommate to introduce yourself and to discuss boundaries, lifestyle, interests and items that you will be bringing to residence.

All residence rooms include curtains, carpeting, a single bed, desk with adjustable drawer unit, chair, wardrobe and overhead light. All residence beds are twin size and you will need to supply sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets and comforters. There is a small kitchen area with an apartment size fridge in double occupancy rooms and a mini-fridge in single occupancy rooms. For more information on what you are able to bring please review the Residence Guide and the “What to Bring” list sent to all incoming residents. High-Speed internet access is included in your fees.

The residence has a number of rooms designed for wheelchair accessible access. If you require a wheelchair accessible room, please indicate this on the application form. If you have any other accommodation requirements, please contact the residence office for further information.

Residence staff would be happy to have you visit the residence over the summer months for a tour of the rooms and facilities.

The residence offers accommodations over the summer for both short and long term stays. Whether you’re in school, on a co-op term, or just visiting the city, we offer great rates on summer rooms. Please visit Summer Accommodations or stop by the residence front desk.

Yes, though you must complete an overnight guest form (24 hours in advance of your guest’s stay) available at the front desk and have your roommate (if in double occupancy room) and a residence staff member sign to approve it. Your guest must check in at the front desk and leave a piece of photo identification. Guests are limited to a maximum stay of three consecutive nights. Please remember, you are responsible for your guests while staying in the residence. For the safety and security of all residents there will be periods of time where a “no-guest” policy will be enforced.

The residence offers great security from the moment you pass through the card access controlled main entrance, until you unlock your bedroom door with your own key. Your safety is very important to us. To that end, we require that all visitors sign in at the front desk prior to entry and that all overnight guests must be signed in 24 hours prior to visiting and provide a valid piece of photo-identification to the front desk staff. All of the common areas, stairwells entrances and corridors are video monitored, and we have front-desk staff on duty 24 hours a day.

Safety and security are also the responsibility of every resident. All the safeguards and rules put in place by the residence are for your protection and convenience. Circumventing rules by lending keys or letting in visitors without permission will only lead to problems. Lock your room door at all times and do not leave your valuables unattended, as neither the residence nor the college is responsible for missing items.

There is onsite laundry facilities located within the residence building. The laundry rooms are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All students will be provided a “Smart Card” on which the resident can load funds in the amount of $10 and $20 by using the card reload centre located in the residence lobby. The cost per wash is $2.00 per cycle and drying is $1.75 per load. If you lose your “Smart Card” you are able to purchase a new one at the front desk for $5.00.

You are able to enter and exit the residence at any time, but there is a quiet hour policy in place to ensure students get a well-rested night to assist in academic success. From Sunday-Thursday quiet hours are 11:00pm-8:00am and Friday & Saturday quiet hours are from 1:00am-8:00am. During exams quiet hours will be extended.

Once you have been accepted into the residence, you must send back to the residence an initial $250.00 payment with your signed contract. Your space in residence is not guaranteed until you have paid your initial fee payment and returned your signed contract. All residence fee due dates are on your residence contract that you receive upon acceptance.

There are several different methods you are able to use to pay your residence fees. You are able to pay online by logging onto your internet banking and selecting St. Lawrence College as the payee and then the letter “T” followed by your unique student number. This is for your residence fees only. Do not use this account to pay your tuition. Other common methods of payment are: Money Order, Certified Cheque, bank draft, and debit card transactions.

Yes. The college has two tiers of meal plan available to residents. The lower tier meal plan which is the mandatory amount of $1,090.00 per semester taxable meal plan which includes $100.00 Flex. The higher tier $1,245.00 meal plan meets the Canada Revenue Agency criteria for tax exempt meal plans and therefore HST is not charged and also includes $100.00 Flex. Any Monies left over in the first semester will be carried over to the winter semester. Residents will still be required to purchase the winter installment of $1090.00 on the meal plan for the winter semester. There will be no refunds on unused portions of the meal plan. All payments must be made through the Residence Office. You are able to bring into your room appliances such as a microwave, toaster oven, electric frying pan, or George Foreman grill. We do not allow hotplates, induction cookers, extra bar fridges, or freezers in the residence.

This is one of the more difficult issues for students to face and understand. The Residence Contract is a FULL ACADEMIC YEAR Contract. This means that when you accept a bed in residence and sign the contract, you are agreeing to pay for the residence room for both semesters whether or not you remain living in the residence, subject to the 10-day grace period at the start of each academic semester.

If a student wishes to leave the residence, they must notify the residence front desk by filling out a “Residence Withdrawal Form. This form is available at the front desk. The Director of Residence maintains a list of students who have submitted Residence Withdrawal Forms in date order according to when the space is available for re-occupancy. When an external replacement enters the residence, his/her name is placed beside the first withdrawal on the list. Replacements are applied on a residence wide basis, not by wing or floor.

If a student withdraws from residence for academic reasons, they are still responsible for paying for their room until a replacement can be found or until the semester ends. There is no guarantee that the residence will be able to fill the bed space.

Residence fees are refunded to withdrawn students solely in date order of when they submitted their Withdrawal Form, not according to when an individual space in residence is occupied. This means that the Director of Residence may move a student into any space in the residence as per operational requirements. Practically, this means that there may be a person living in what was your space, but because the residence has not yet reached your spot on the Withdrawal List, you are not entitled to a refund yet. There are often internal moves in the residence that take place at various times of the year for roommate issues. You will be notified when your spot on the Withdrawal List has been filled and a refund will be processed in a timely manner.

St. Lawrence College is a smoke-free college. As a smoke-free college, the use of tobacco and cannabis products, including vaping and E-cigarettes is prohibited at all campus locations. This includes all indoor and outdoor areas, anywhere within the College, residence buildings and in vehicles on campus. The smoke-free initiative includes any person on campus, whether they are students, staff, faculty, subcontractors and/or employees, and visitors. All events hosted on SLC campus will also be smoke-free. If you choose to smoke you must smoke off campus. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the college smoking policy.

Apply for Residence

***Please remember to confirm you have accepted St. Lawrence College's academic offer before applying for residence.**

Applications for September 2023 will be available starting on November 1st 2022. You must be accepted to the college and confirmed your offer through OCAS prior to applying.

Contact Us

St. Lawrence College Residence
23 Country Club Drive
Kingston, Ontario K7M 9A4
Tel: 613.544.6600, ext. 4999

Summer Accommodations (may-August)

St. Lawrence College students may stay in residence during the summer months (May-August). If you are a current student in residence please contact