Request a Transcript from SLC

How to obtain/send a copy of your SLC transcript

Complete the Transcript Request Form and submit it in person, by email or to the appropriate campus fax number.

The request form can be either printed out and completed or by fill-able PDF however, you must print and sign the bottom - Electronic signatures are not accepted. A signature is required to obtain/send your transcript to your destination.

Note: BScN and BBA graduates are advised to order transcripts directly from Laurentian University, for proof of completion and admission purposes.

What information is required on the request form?

Please provide your Personal Information.

  1. Provide Student ID number (if unknown, please be sure personal information is complete including date of birth and any/all previous last names)
  2. Tell us what program or course you took.
  3. Type of transcript required (Official or Unofficial - see below for difference)
    • How many copies do you need?
  4. Who would you like them sent to?
    • When requesting a transcript, please include a complete mailing address, the contact person, and a reference number (if applicable).
  5. Provide payment information for your transcripts ($10 per request or $20 one-time only lifetime fee).
    • Full-time students after 2007 have typically paid the lifetime fee.
  6. We send transcripts by regular Canada Post at no charge.
    • If courier is needed to send transcript, be sure to provide payment information and select courier options.
  7. Your signature is required for any release of information.

How do you send in the request form?

Transcript Requests Forms are accepted and processed in person, by mail or fax. A Transcript Request Form may be scanned and emailed to, however a student’s signature is still required; you must print and sign the bottom. Electronic signatures are not accepted. A signature is required to obtain/send your transcript to your destination.

Transcripts cannot be requested over the phone.

What is the difference between the Official and Unofficial transcript?

Official Transcript

  • This is created on special paper, stamped and sealed in an envelope by St. Lawrence College - once the envelope seal is broken the transcript is deemed unofficial and may not be accepted.
  • Typically official transcripts are required by Post-Secondary Institutions, Employers, etc.

Unofficial Transcript

  • This is a print out of your transcript on regular paper, no stamps or seals are used.
  • If you have access to - you can print off your own unofficial transcript.

If you originally sent your transcript request through OntarioColleges or OUAC application centre

You can re-request your transcript directly on Ontario Colleges or OUAC again.
Be sure to choose the correct option 'Send Now', 'Send After Semester', or 'Send After Degree Conferred'.

To obtain an Education Verification

An Education Verification request must be submitted in writing and include the student's signed consent to release the information. Requests may be faxed to 613.545.3923 or scanned and emailed to Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

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