Nick Crate

Designer Bio

Black and white portrait of Nick Crate

Hi everyone, my name is Nicholas Crate, but to many I go by Nick. I have always had a passion for art and design, going back to when I was younger and not wanting to go outside, so I would hide away in my room and draw. Since joining the Graphic Design program at St. Lawrence, I have been able to really hone my skills and expand my horizon on what exactly I can do with art and design as a career path. Some of my design skills include illustration, branding, and marketing. My career goals are to go into branding and marketing, and finally go into education to help the next generation of graphic designers. When I’m not drawing and designing, some of my favourite things to do are to watch movies, play video games, read and spending time with family, friends and my dog Swift.

Grad Show Exhibition Poster


To create a poster for the second year graphic design exhibition show at St Lawrence College. Slogans were generated by the class and voted on, before having the final poster design voted on by the class and faculty.


Design Clarity Through The Noise was the slogan for the poster, which was the driving factor for the overall design. The main idea was to utilize the small details that really help bring the entire composition together, which is why small pieces of The Girl With The Pearl Earring are left clear. While the rest of the composition is distorted and ‘glitched’, the viewers are still able to see the painting from the small clear details. The golden ratio was also used to help layout the information and the images and by showing the sections, it also furthered the glitching aesthetic as it is not usually seen but referenced.

Rebranding and adaptations


To create a logo and branding identity for a preexisting company or organization


The logo features ballet shoes to really drive forward the dancing aspect of the school, but with an abstract twist to help them be more memorable as well as standing out from other dance facilities. I wanted to incorporate movement into the logo, which is why I went with the almost ribbon like approach, which also reflects the softer and more delicate side to ballet. Featured as well are the business card templates for the teacher and faculty at the school, the letterhead and an example of a shirt that the dancers would be able to buy at the school’s store.

Capstone project


To create an app that helps Ducks Unlimited with community engagement to help reach a broader audience, receive more funding and continue its mission to conserve the wetlands.


Step Into Your Own Backyard is a geocaching app in partnership with Ducks Unlimited. It provides the user with different geocaching locations that allow them to explore and experience the wetlands first person. It also provided the users with challenges and badges to push them to collect more caches as well as providing them with information on the species in the wetlands and the wetlands themselves. With the knowledge and experience the app provides, it instills a desire to help protect and conserve the wetlands for future generations.