Kianne Bearman

Designer Bio

Black and white portrait of Kianne Bearman

My design career started in Toronto at Ryerson University in the Graphic Communications Management program. After completing a year and a half I decided to transfer to the Graphic Design program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. I am passionate about typography as well as interaction design. My long-term goals are to move to Edinburgh, Scotland in the new year and continue my learning and foster my passion for design in whatever form that takes.

Book Cover Design


Students had the choice of executing a book cover for either a children’s book or comic book. Students had to come up with an alliterative title and design the front cover, back cover, and spine of the book using that title. The cover was to include all the elements normally seen on a book as well as reflect the imagined contents of the book.


For this children’s book cover design, I went with a simple and lighthearted complementary colour scheme of blue and orange. I wanted the drawings to look like something that the reader could accomplish themselves so that they can identify more with the story.

Rebranding and Adaptations


Students were asked to recreate a brand identity design for an existing organization along with the accompanying design applications such as a brand identity guide and any collateral that the organization may reasonably need.


After much research on the current mission and values of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, I created a new, modernized logo that represents their historical significance and prowess but also their momentum into the future with their botanical research. The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is known well for its glasshouse, whose windows were the inspiration for the design of the logo. Once the logo had been refined, I built out a surrounding brand identity and placed it in a booklet for ease of use.

Grad Show Exhibition Poster


Students were asked to come up with a second-year graphic design exhibition poster based on slogans brainstormed during class. The poster had to follow the golden section as well as illustrate the particular slogan that was chosen.


As the slogan, I chose to work with was “Design Clarity from Noise”, I decided to contrast the words “clarity” and “noise” through typographic illustration. Instead of going with a visual representation of noise, I chose to do ink distortion in order to marry the concepts of design and distortion. The visuals all follow the golden section while drawing the eye down to allow the reader to take in all of the information in the correct way.