Jasmine Campeau

Designer Bio

Black and white portrait of Jasmine Campeau

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I am a passionate and innovative creator, an excellent communicator, and quick to grasp the bigger picture. Understanding to deliver compelling messages to my clients’ audience. I have a strong belief that problem-solving is a big part of any graphic design job.

Linkedin: in/jasminecampeau
Instagram: simplygreat_design

E-Commerce Website


The objective of the project was to redesign an already existed website into a greater design. With all breakpoints created (Computer, tablet, and cellphone).


The website IPSY has all the features and more, the redesign enhances features that were left in the dark.

Environmental Conference


The objective of the project was to create a conference booklet for the chosen conference being held. Creating a type cluster and a design layout for the information provided.


The booklet was created for the robotics with the type cluster being Built by Bots. The goal was to create a layout that emphasizes the content in a unique and interesting way that can be comprehended. Having secondary elements, illustrations and more.

Fables Book Cover and Spread


The objective of this project was to recreate a fable layout from the original design created. Having a modern, unique design with a type cluster.


The fable is designed with a yellow and black design with off-kilter axes for the content to guide. The reason for the chosen fables was due to them having the same characters. The type clusters are created with a contrasting colour as well as creating a hierarchy with the font size and thicknesses.