Dylan Conway

Designer Bio

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Hi! My name is Dylan Conway. I am a 24 year old from Ontario, Canada. I am currently in my 3rd and final year at St. Lawrence College for Graphic Design, and this is my webpage to showcase the work that I’ve been doing, and what I’ve been learning. Throughout my life, I have seen all the different types of design on all the varying degrees of skill, from my own doodles, to the works of Paul Rand and animators at Walt Disney. Design is legitimately everywhere, and that I believe makes it special.

The program has taught me many different forms of design, whether its interaction, research, web, book or general graphic design. By hand or by computer, through the various adobe programs used by all designers today, I will do my best to express your creative ideas as best as I can.


Book Cover and Spread Design


This assignment asked to reformat an already made book and design a prototype with a new interesting grid. As you can see, I chose a book based off of Greek Mythology myths and legends. This assignment was designed to teach students the basic fundamentals of building a book in Indesign. Overall, it helped develop knowledge in book and grid development. There was two different requirements for the book. The first is the cover, spine, and back of the book’s design and type. They will have to be visually interesting, but most importantly incorporate at least one Gestalt Principle. Next is the grid of the 8 pages inside the book. All pages needed to follow one grid, with different layouts of information.


My book was based off Greek tales, so I decided to cover some more commonly known tales on 5 of the 8 pages of the book. The 1st, 2nd and last page were all devoted to being the inside cover, table of contents and index of the book. The book cover was made around portraying commonly known characters from greek stories (Medusa and Gaia), while also being developed to support my gestalt principle of similarity.

App Design


The objective of the assignment was to build something that solves issues that people commonly have within everyday life. This gave me the idea, as someone who uses internet for work and play a lot and commonly finds trouble with there internet connection, to help other internet users understand and solve these issues. The goal was to build an application that shows users there internet connection strength and ping through one simple application, and provide solutions to them.


Using a internet network check, server listing checks and server info, users are able to identify all the current possible issues are that would be affecting there internet connection speed. The server provides several potential solutions, prioritizing most likely by the colour red, as well as a hierarchal order.

Children's Education App


This was an interaction design project setup to help students build applications for a specific type of audience, that of which was young 4-6 year old children. I chose to take the application towards a math based game, involving three different choices to play. The vocabulary, questions and design was all set to be easy to understand and follow for children of such a young age.


The game that I am showcasing out of the three for the assignment is the train math game. A train avatar for the game guides children along, keeping them engaged and on task throughout the entire process. Very colourful and clear animations were used to help kids stay interested in the game while still being educational. There are many rewards for children who complete the games, as well as small animations of confetti and balloons when they get questions right. Overall, I created a fun yet educational game for young children.