Brayden Fletcher

Designer Bio

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Brayden is a graphic designer born and raised in the Kingston, Ontario area. He strives in print and branding design and has a keen eye for detail.

Brayden is third-year student studying Graphic Design at St. Lawrence College. He helps clients find the subject and medium that best fits their unique identity, and then produces high-quality content that meets their objectives.

Instagram: @FletchersVision

Student Email Prototype


The purpose of this school project was to find an issue as a team that most affected St. Lawrence College Students on a day to day basis, then create a prototype based on our findings.


We found that students were receiving too many emails in their Microsoft Office 365 inbox from the school and that most of these emails were things that the student was not interested in. I thought that a type of filtration system would fix this best as there wasn’t a good option to be able to filter the content that you receive in your inbox. The final prototype that I developed lets you check boxes first in things that you were interested in such as; studying, sports and recreation, events around campus, workshops etc. The next step was to dive deeper into the specifics of the content within the content that they were interested in allowing them to personalize their incoming emails even further. The next part of the project was to develop a poster on the findings while researching. This included the problem that the students had, the background information, the research method and user testing, important statistics, findings, the initial product, the design mandates, the final prototype, and the conclusion. The research method used during the period of time was the desirability testing and the read-aloud method. This allowed the user to control the prototype and generate their own ideas on what worked and what wasn’t working which helped the development by giving us qualitative information.

Grad Show Exhibition Poster


The purpose of this school project was to promote the 2020 St. Lawrence College 2nd Year Graphic Design Student Exhibition which featured the work of myself and my classmates from your last 2 years of study at that time.


I generated two versions of the poster with the same colour scheme utilized in different ways. The colour scheme consists of red, black, and white. This colour scheme is used to maintain the branding of St. Lawrence College. The red and the black show high contrast from the white background which really allows the colours to stand out.

The poster had to follow a golden ratio layout. The main text was centre-aligned into the first half of the 8.5×14 sized page, this is to demand the attention of your eyes making it the first thing you see. The main text is followed up by having the event information right-aligned to the bottom right-hand side of the page which will be the second most demanding information that your eyes will go directly to due to the golden ratio. On the left bottom side, the St. Lawrence college logo will be displayed to show the person that is reading the poster that it is an official poster. This will show authenticity and the reader will take it more seriously and will influence their decision to consider attending the event.

Environmental Conference


The purpose of this project was to design a complete rebranding for a 2-day conference called Clean Planet Energy Summit which consisted of a two-sided, full-colour promotional poster/brochure consisting of a thematic promotional poster side and detailed backside outlining the list of speakers and schedule of events, event signage, a wordmark, and a conference handbook.


The wordmark for the event consisted of the words Clean Planet Energy Summit with a mountain-shaped triangle cut out from the bottom of the type to illustrate the “summit” while still keeping the word legible. The two-sided posters main focal point on the front was a photo of a man climbing a mountain with the logo and type describing the event. On the other side, it featured the name of the conference, the description, the speakers attending, and the schedule. The back was designed so that it could be folded up and used as an item to carry around. The first event signage created was a sign that would be featured on the front of the venue, the second would be a billboard so that people travelling around could become aware of the event, and the third was an event site sign which would help people attending the event find the specific place that they would need to be.