Alex Bromley

Designer Bio

Black and White portrait of Alex Bromley

Hi, my name is Alex Bromley. I am a 22-year-old from a small village called Westmeath, Ontario. I am a very passionate and driven individual with interests in sports, motorsports, music, history, and much more.

Since when I was a kid, I always had an interest in design from seeing my favourite teams' hockey jerseys or racecar liveries. It wasn’t until numerous years later until I enrolled in the Graphic Design program at St. Lawrence College that I found and developed skills of design that have made me the person I am today. I always strive to be the best I can be and continue learning. Some of the skills I have learned in design are creating logos and branding, typographic, and illustration skills, and many more. I am very excited to solve real-world problems and help as many people as possible with my design arsenal of skills.


Instagram: a.bromley_designs

Music Promotion Campaign


The objectives of this project are to promote the band Ocean Grove and their song Intimate Alien for more exposure around the world to more people and fans. Another objective is to have fans return to shows in the future.


To go with the song I had wanted to make an alien help pull someone through a portal to a futuristic universe. The gestalt theory of grouping was used by having silhouettes of people in the background with a larger silhouette becoming an anomaly. I had chosen darker colours so the alien stands out and becomes a focal point. The green type I had created myself. I had wanted to make it geometric and sharp-edged to look futuristic, then I chose the white type to be futura so it contrasts with the green type. The back of the cover is a reflection of the alien world.

Book Cover and Spread Design


The purpose of this project was to create a book cover and spreads to inform readers of information about WWI. The topic is to honour those who have served and gave their lives for Canada in the war. The book cover was to make a powerful impact on the viewer.


On the book cover, the colours used are greyscale because most photos from the war were greyscale and make it feel as if the soldier was about to attack at dawn. Lining the bottom are poppies since it is symbolic of WW1. One poppy is red to make an anomaly in the use of the Gestalt Theory of similarity. The crosses symbolize all the soldiers that gave their lives in the war. The back cover also includes the iconic Flanders Fields poem to help also show that the book is about WWI. On the slip pages are small bios of two of my family members that were in the war as a tribute.

The spread was used to give readers information about Canadian history, and the Wars. The imagery showcases what life was like as a soldier, what the tanks were like, and what living in the trenches would have looked like. The imagery for each two-page spread was a picture taken from the same battle the chapter is about. The colour of the sidebars is dark grey to follow the colour scheme.

Logo and Menu Creation


The project was to make a logo and menu for a fictional new coffee shop and bakery opening in downtown Kingston. The shop has a warm and cozy feeling. The target audience was university and college students that would go there to study and have a coffee between classes.


A heart was chosen for the monogram because it is the symbol of love, and makes sense for a place called Lovely’s. Outside the heart is a handle to show that the heart is a coffee cup to show that it is a cafe. Within the heart is an L making it seem like it is the foam in an espresso.

The menu was made to be one page front and back so it feels homemade, cheap to produce, and easily able to change. The menu also follows the same colour and font chosen for the logo so it can be recognized as the brand even without the logo.

E-Commerce Website


For this e-commerce website, the purpose was to create a site to sell hockey jerseys to players or teams.


For this website, there are customizable options for colour, name, and number. There are descriptions for each of the jerseys. There are multiple menus that someone can click through to find their desired size. At the end is a form field for purchasing and shipping.