What Others had to Say

“My experience at ESET has led me to a challenging and rewarding job with an international engineering firm. I work in all facets of sustainability; from building design and construction, renewable energy system implementation, LEED facilitation to energy auditing. We have jobs all over the world, often the first green project in developing countries. I would recommend this field to anyone who enjoys problem solving promoting a sustainable future”

- Graham Timperon, Energy Systems Engineering Technology graduate.

“I am currently employed with WSP Global as a Project Associate, working on LEED, energy modeling and retro-commissioning projects. I can honestly say that I would still be working unskilled entry-level jobs without the ESET program and its great staff. The hands-on labs and small class sizes provided me with an awesome opportunity to develop and hone my skills on a wide variety of topics from pipe-fitting to PV design. The teachers at St. Lawrence College made the experience even better. Their awesome office hours and approachability made learning about complicated topics very easy!”

- Kyle Smith, Energy Systems Engineering Technology graduate.

“I’m now working at Utilities Kingston, in the Conservation department. There’s no question that my education at SLC helped me get where I am today. I strongly believe that the month-long placement I completed at the end the third year ESET program kick-started my career in conservation. ESET provides students with such a broad spectrum of information – from renewable energy system design and installation, to gas fitter certification, to energy conservation.”

- Caitlin Newey, Energy Systems Engineering Technology graduate.

“My experience in the Energy System Engineering Technology program at St Lawrence College was invaluable in helping me re-launch myself into my second career. The current and real-world experience of the ESET staff elevated the program to the point that permitted me an easy transition to this completely new field of work. The knowledge that I gained during the program combined with the confidence-building hands-on approach of the program were instrumental in allowing me to design and install my own 10 kW PV array as well as land my first job within mere months of graduation. It was clear from day one of the course that this program was not only for high school grads but also suitable for mature students looking to kick-start a second career, as I did mine. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge. You won’t regret it!”

- Ian Scott, CEM, Energy Systems Engineering Technology graduate.

"The ESET program gave me the confidence and skills required to enter the solar energy industry. I am now managing a medium sized solar contracting business and enjoying great success. Returning to St Lawrence College and the ESET program as a mature student was one of the best decisions I ever made. I now have a definite career path ahead of me and the future is sunny. I soon realized that the staff were very knowledgeable always helpful and had great experience with renewable energy. The support and encouragement of the staff allowed me to finish the program and jump right into the workplace with the confidence and knowledge base required."

- Peter Ewald, Energy Systems Engineering Technology graduate.

“I didn't return to school to waste time, and the program and college proved to be an excellent place to challenge myself and develop my interests. The program’s emphasis on how to deliver professional results has benefited my career. I really enjoyed the hands on labs and the many structured projects that required inspiration. The teaching staff are dedicated to the students and they passionate about the subject matter.”

- Maarten Wilbers, Energy Systems Engineering Technology graduate.

“I currently work for WSP, with the Sustainable Buildings division. I like to think that I am making a difference in the big picture, working towards the end goal of a sustainable world. The teaching staff are passionate about this program, and it prides them to see their students succeed. Get into this field, it’s the future and its rewarding.”

- Eric Jadowski, Energy Systems Engineering Technology graduate.

“SLC helped me to think critically and covered all aspects of a project or a technology. The hands on experience in the labs was a great way to learn about a technology or a product. SLC always had the latest technologies in their labs for students to work with and continue to update labs as newer products are brought to the market. Originally I thought I would become a paramedic or maybe go into policing. Instead I decided I wanted to do something in the engineering field that wasn't very common, was in an expanding industry, and was working to reduce our impact on the environment.

The part I liked most about our program was that it did not focus on one trade but rather gave us the general knowledge in each of the trades, which allowed the students to figure out how to incorporate renewable energy products and energy management programs into and existing system or new design.

The part I liked most about St. Lawrence was that the staff were very welcoming and were always willing to help with any issues. The teaching staff were very intelligent in their respective fields. Always willing to help. Always came to work with a positive attitude and treated everyone equally.

Some advise I would give to future students is to get all the sleep you can at night because you do not want to fall asleep in class and miss any valuable information the teachers are going through. I am currently working for a small company in Toronto called MultiLogic Energy Solutions. The company mainly deals in efficient lighting and controls, as well as electric heating controls in the multi residential industry.”

- Dave Carter, Energy Systems Engineering Technology graduate.