Business Accounting FAQ Post-Graduate Students

The entry requirement for CPA is a university degree. This can be any university degree. Many SLC grads will bridge into the BBA degree program offered at SLC after graduating from the diploma program. After completion of the BBA program, students can transfer their credits into the CPA program. For more information on the CPA program, click here:

Yes, you can! Students can bridge into the BBA degree with a 3-year or a 2-year diploma.

A student with a 2-year diploma or a 3-year diploma can bridge into the ACAF Certificate program. Please consult the following web site for additional information:

Please check this web site for a transcript assessment by CPA:

A university degree (this can be from any discipline) is an entrance requirement for the CPA program. SLC grads can bridge into the BBA degree offered at SLC to complete the degree requirement.