Business Accounting FAQ Current Students

If you are a student who has previously taken a non-business course at another post-secondary institution, you might be able to get a transfer credit for the Semester 3 open general education course. To find out whether you qualify for a transfer credit, please forward a copy of your transcript to your program coordinator.

When students use external courses as transfer credits for our SLC courses, what will be shown on the transcript is a “T” grade (i.e. this will not impact the GPA calculation).

St. Lawrence College recognizes that learners may acquire college level learning through a variety of life experiences, such as employment, volunteer activities, self-directed study, or travel. The PLAR process is designed to assist learners in receiving course credits toward a certificate or diploma program/degree of their choice by demonstrating how they have achieved learning equivalent to the course learning outcomes through previous life and/or work experiences. PLAR credits are awarded for appropriate learning which can be demonstrated, not just from the various experiences themselves. Applicants who wish to apply for PLAR must submit a PLAR application along with the required documentation and assessment fees.

For questions regarding OSAP, please consult the following web site:

If you have any IT or computer issues, please log a ticket with the IT service desk at

Most courses in the accounting program are available on-line for those students who need to re-take a course and/or need to catch up with courses in their curriculum. Online courses are offered throughout the entire calendar year (this includes the summer semester).

If you would like to take an on-line course, please contact your program coordinator for additional information and to establish a custom academic plan.

Students who wish to work ahead in the program of studies and would like to take courses during the summer semester can do so. However, upper year courses are offered online only during the summer. Additional course fees will apply as the summer semester is not considered a part of the regular academic year. However, taking courses in the summer helps students lighten the course load during the regular academic year. For additional information, please contact your program coordinator.

If you are missing courses in the program you can still graduate provisionally, provided that you take any missing courses in the summer semester. You must be enrolled in any missing courses by May of the corresponding year to be able to apply to graduate that spring. For additional information, please contact the school of business office.

To change programs within the school of business, please submit the following online form: