Pathway Opportunity for Behavioural Science Students

Thinking about pursuing a degree after your diploma?

We are now offering an exciting new pathway that allows current Behavioural Science students (and graduates within the past 5 years) to enter Semester 5 of the Honours Bachelor Behavioural Psychology program right here at St. Lawrence!


  • Completion of Spring bridging semester which consists of four online courses that must be completed before starting Degree program.
  • Graduation from BSP at St. Lawrence College within the last 5 years.
  • Minimum Program GPA upon graduation of 3.00 (including placement).
  • Students completing the bridge will need to meet the degree-specific continuance policy (as described in the Academic Policy Manual) in order to move into Semester 5 of the Honours Bachelor Behavioural Science program.

**To apply for this program, please complete an Advanced Level Entry Form through the School of Community Services.

Contact Information

For information about this new pathway opportunity, please contact:

Louise Chatterton