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Take your diploma or degree further!

Take your skills to the next level! Graduate certificates are short in duration, focus on industry driven learning, with real-world experiential learning opportunities, and designed to get you ready for the job you dream of. At St. Lawrence College, we offer several Graduate Certificate programs that will give you a career-focused education and specialized skills and knowledge.

Graduate Certificate Programs at St. Lawrence College

Addictions and Mental Health, Online: Learn to deliver responsive, culturally relevant, client-centered assessment and treatment to diverse individuals and groups. Practice ways to effectively collaborate and transform lives as a valuable part of a professional support team. You will acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities required by front-line workers in order to deliver effective addictions and mental health services while promoting empowerment, self-determination and optimum quality of life to individuals with addictions and mental health issues.

Autism and Behavioural Science, Kingston: With your Social Sciences degree (Psychology, Sociology, or B. Ed), or a diploma in Community Services (ECE, DSW, BST, SSW, CYW or EA), this intensive, highly specialized program will teach a variety of positive approaches to develop the skills of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder by reviewing relevant literature, developing intervention plans, implementing behaviour change programs and more. Practical experience is enhanced with two field placements totalling 350 hours.

Business Analytics, Kingston: This program prepares graduates to work in the growing and dynamic sector of business analytics. Students will learn the techniques and tools of analytical decision making and utilize these skills to drive the competitiveness of an organization. Students will be exposed to generic analytics modeling as well specialization in the areas or marketing, operations, and business strategy. Through applied learning techniques such as problem based learning and work placement students will be able to apply their learning to real world problems.

Communicative Disorders Assistant, Kingston: You’ll have a relevant diploma or degree in human, health or social sciences and in one year, be prepared to work in a supporting capacity with Speech-Language Pathologists or Audiologists in a variety of service settings and populations. Emphasis is placed on preparing CDA grads to implement remediation once the registered clinician has assessed the client and determined the appropriate treatment goals and strategies. Two full-time field placements will give you amazing practical experience in the field.

Interactive Marketing Communications, Kingston: With a two or three year diploma or degree, this program prepares you to become strategists in interactive marketing communications (IMC). Deepen your marketing communication skills in general, and develop news skills in planning and implementing IMC campaigns. You’ll learn how to utilize interactive tools, web analytics for measuring of both web and social media marketing activities, and hands-on experience is gained through a six-week placement.

Supply Chain Management, Cornwall: A two or three year diploma or degree is what you need for entry into this program, which will arm you for employment this burgeoning sector of the economy. The program introduces all facets of supply chain management and logistics from a theoretical and practical perspective. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques considered essential for employment and will benefit from a field placement.

Therapeutic Recreation, Kingston: The Therapeutic Recreation program prepares students with specialized training to work within recreation, health or social service delivery systems serving individuals with illness or disabilities. Graduates will acquire the skills to complete client assessments, develop and evaluate group and individualized programs and use a variety of facilitative techniques to assist individuals to participate in meaningful recreational activities that will enhance health, improve functional ability and increase quality of life. The program is built on the core belief of the inherent benefits of play, recreation and leisure to all people. Students will learn to adapt recreation activities so people with a variety of disabling conditions can participate and to use recreation as a therapeutic tool to improve and/or restore health and wellness.

User Experience Design, Kingston: If you have a three-year diploma or a degree, this program will prepare you for the exciting career of user experience (UX) designer. UX designers consult with target audiences (users) to collect and interpret data that can be used to make technology, products and services that meet their needs, are functional and pleasurable to use, and meet the strategic objectives of businesses and organizations.

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