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Why has the college created Online General Education?

Every St. Lawrence College program has been revised to include one online course. This experience is meant to help students develop their digital fluency skills and give them an opportunity to explore online learning within a supportive environment.

In addition to promoting online learning, the college is also expected to offer General Education courses as part a Ministry requirement for all college diplomas and select certificates. The online general education courses permit students to both experience online learning and explore general education in a flexible digital environment.

Do I need to register for an Online GenEd course this term?

SLC programs have chosen to integrate online GenEds at specific points in their curriculum. Students who are required to take an online GenEd will receive an email alerting them to register for their online GenEd course for the upcoming term.  The email will direct them to the registration website for further instructions.

Fall 2020

The full list of programs taking Online GenEds for the upcoming term can be found in the following document:

Click here to download the Fall 2020 Program List

If you aren’t sure whether or not you are required to take an Online GenEd, please contact your Program Coordinator.

Fall Important Dates

  • Registration begins: August 3, 2020
  • Registration ends: September 23, 2020
  • Course begins: September 9, 2020
  • Course ends: December 18 , 2020

Note: The five online General Education courses will be delivered over a 6 week period.

How do I register?

Students register by completing five easy steps. To ensure the widest variety of course options, complete your registration as early as possible. Courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Also, when choosing your courses, check for notes re. excluded programs. Some GenEd courses are too close to the vocational specializations of some programs to be considered General Education courses.  These exclusions are noted at the end of each course description.

Please review the Program List to confirm whether your program is required to take an online GENE.

Step 1 - Log into
Having trouble logging in? Click here or contact our IT Service Desk at 613-544-5400 ext. 1000 or email

Step 2 - Click the Online General Education button
Check your General Education Notification email for the registration opening date. When registration opens, a green checkmark button (like the one below) will appear after the "Important Messages" section. This button will only appear for students who are required to take an online GENE.

green check mark Please click here to see where the GENE registration link will appear in your account

Special Reminder: Students who are required to take an online GenEd course and do not see the GenEd button should contact IT Service Desk for assistance.

Step 3 - Enter your email address and your student number
Once you select the Online General Education button, a new window will launch called "GenEd Online Course Registration". Please validate your identity by entering your SLC email address in the "Your SLC email address" field and your student ID in the "Your SLC student number" field when requested.

Special Reminder: Make sure to include "" as part of your full email address

Step 4 - Choose a GenEd Course
Students are able to view the available course offerings by clicking on the drop-down list under “Select your online course”. Courses will be removed from the drop-down list once they are full so it’s important to register early to secure your selection. Some courses are not available for specific programs. To learn more about these courses please make sure to review the following document:

Course List Fall 2020

Step 5 - Select FINISH or CANCEL
After selecting a course, click “FINISH” to confirm your choice and you will receive an email from the college with confirmation details. This email will be sent to your SLC email address. Alternatively, you can continue to use the drop-down to choose a different course or click the CANCEL button to terminate your registration session.

Have questions?

For technical issues, please contact the IT Service Desk at 613-544-5400 ext. 1000 or email

The college has also compiled answers to Frequently Asked Questions and have included these below for your review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is St. Lawrence including an online course in every program?

A major consultation with our stakeholders (i.e., students, faculty, graduates, board members, community councils, program advisory committees, employers, and the public at large) concluded that graduates need to be familiar with online learning. Employers tell us professional development is increasingly necessary to stay employed in any field given the rapid pace of change -- and training is increasingly provided online. This is true in every field from skilled trades to the professions.  It is critical to our graduates’ success that we teach our students how to be effective online learners. 

What happens if I don’t know anything about computers?

Do not be alarmed. These online courses will assume that you can be an absolute beginner when it comes to online learning. The technology will be explained before the course content is addressed.  IT Services will be running special “start-up” sessions for those who wish to be walked through the sign on to the course for the first time. Optional tutorials will be available to help you learn how to do anything related to the technology of your course. There will be resources to help you on the site and also embedded in the courses themselves. Finally, there will be a “hotline” email address for you to raise any problems you have so we can help get you the assistance you need.

What if I don’t have access to a computer or tablet or smart phone?

St. Lawrence College provides students with access to computer labs when classes are not scheduled. Additionally, the library or Learning Resource Centre has computers. Access varies by campus but will be clearly identified during orientation week. If you have no access to a personal computer or tablet we are requesting that you self-identify in the survey at the start of your class so that we can ensure our resources are sufficient to support the demand.

I live in a rural area without access to high speed internet, how can I do an online course?

The worst case is you’ll need to do the course on campus where you can use the college internet. This loses the benefit of flexibility found in online learning but you’ll still have the opportunity to learn the skills to do online competently before you graduate from the college. The library, cafeteria and hallway study areas are all great places to get the work done between other classes or at the end of the day. Chances are, however, that you can download content while on campus and then complete much of your work at home. An inexpensive data stick is all you need. The IT Service Desk is happy to show you how to do this.

I have a disability which may impact my online learning. Where can I find help?

To learn about the academic accommodations and services available for students with disabilities, please contact the Counselling & AccessAbility Services (CAAS) office on your campus:

Brockville – 613 345-0660 extension 3154, Room 100

Cornwall – (613) 933-6080 extension 2709, Room M1461

Kingston – (613) 544-5400 extension 1593, Room 01230

To learn how you can gain access to our services, visit Steps for New Students.

Early disclosure of a disability allows us to plan ahead and improves your potential for success.

I’ve taken lots of online courses, are you going to bore me with beginner information?

No.  One of the benefits of online delivery is the ability to match learning with learner needs.  If you do not require help using the technology then you can skip all that and just get started on the course content.

I am purchasing a new computer.  Do you have any suggestions about what I should get?

Recommended PC Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2GHz dual core or higher
  • Memory: 2GB RAM or higher
  • Browser: Internet Explorer version 10 (nothing higher), Google Chrome, FireFox version 24
  • Java version 751
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • High Speed Internet

Recommended MAC Requirements

  • OS: Mac OS 10.7.5 or higher
  • Processor: 2 GHz dual core
  • Memory: 2GB RAM or higher
  • Browser: Firefox version 30.0, Google Chrome
  • Java version 751
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • High Speed Internet

Why do we have to take General Education courses?

General Education courses are mandated by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. They provide breadth and are designed to give students knowledge outside the specialized area of their study.