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My name is Matt Fabiilli and I graduated from St. Lawrence College’s Civil Engineering Technology Program in 2012. From completing the CET Program I was eligible for the transfer program with Queen’s University, where I completed my Civil Engineering Degree in 3 years. Having attended both College and University, I can honestly say that I enjoyed my college learning experience at SLC. The smaller class sizes provided a better learning environment for me and the relationship with the Professors at SLC were personal and extremely helpful, even after I graduated from St. Lawrence College I found help from my old SLC profs for a number of projects. The material learned at both institution was helpful toward my career, but the material learned at SLC was much more practical and useful. The understanding of the fundamental materials taught at SLC made the switch to Queens easy for me and was a huge part of my success at University. In many cases the material I was learning at Queens had already been covered at SLC, this foundation provided me with a greater understanding. This was due to the detail coverage of the material, especially in the application of the design standards and code that was taught at SLC.

At SLC I gathered knowledge that is crucial to succeed in today’s industry. I learned how to use industry standard technologies like AutoCAD, a variety of Survey Equipment and GIS. (All acknowledged by Queen’s, but not taught). In addition, I experienced how to work in a team environment, a variety of industry testing procedures, and application of design standards/Canadian Building Codes. While Queen’s has helped me further my education and I enjoyed the material that I learned at the University, without the guidance and education obtained at SLC, I would have never be where I am today. I am currently working for the Ministry of Transportation as a part of their Engineering Development Program and hope to write my professional licensing exam in 2019/2020.

St Lawrence College provided me with a foundation and structure for my career that I couldn’t have received elsewhere and I recommend the program to all those who are interested.
Matthew Fabiilli
St. Lawrence College Class 2012, Queens University Class of 2015
Project Engineer, Engineering Development Program
West Region, Ministry of Transportation (MTO)


I wish to take this time to thank you for all your support and guidance throughout my time attending SLC. The Civil Engineering Technology course was a great stepping stone for me and provided me with a great deal of new experiences, introduced me to new  people and networks, and built the foundation to establish my career with.

Upon graduation, I obtained a full-time position working as a Jr. Road Designer in Kingston; continuing on from 2 years of previous part time employment. This was great experience as it helped further develop my understanding of transportation engineering and highway design principles.  I was involved with the design and construction of urban and rural roadways, intersections and highway safety systems, among other projects. 

I am excited to announce that I have recently relocated to Prince George, British Columbia to further develop my career; working as a Utility Engineering Assistant. While I have left Kingston for now, it will surely always be home.
Brock Bourget
Civil Engineering Technology Program Graduate 2014

After completing my first year of studies at Humber College (Civil Engineering Technology) in 2012, I felt like I needed to make a change in my life. That same year I decided to move from Toronto to Kingston where I continued my last two years of studies at St. Lawrence College. I had no idea what to expect, but from the first moment I walked into the College, I knew that I had made the right decision. I was greeted with nothing but energy and enthusiasm and I was able to transfer all my credits, and graduate in two years. The professors and the program itself offer so many opportunities for the students to excel and succeed, in both their academic and professional roles. At St. Lawrence College students are a priority and the staff go over and above to show their commitment. This includes, but is not limited to staying after hours to answer questions and maintaining communication with students during the weekends or Holidays. I believe it is a privilege to have been able to attend this school and I am glad I made that decision.

Civil Engineering is a unique field. There are plenty of job opportunities and a variety of exciting areas of work from drafting and design to the field and lab. What I like best is you are able to see the product of your work and really feel like you’re contributing.

Since graduating from St. Lawrence College, I have been able to experience two distinct fields of engineering, road construction and structural. I am currently working as a Field Engineer for EllisDon and that was made possible only due to hard work, determination, and through the support of the program faculty at St. Lawrence College. If I had one word of advice for students graduating in the upcoming years, it would be to work hard and be determined to reach all your goals, because St. Lawrence College really opens the door for bright future!
Rafal Pindiur
Field Engineer
Ellis Don

Studying Civil Engineering Technology at St. Lawrence College opened many doors for me right from the beginning of my studies. The technical, social and analytical skills that are developed throughout the 3 years of studies provided me with the ability to work in a variety of positions of my choosing, all unique in their own way. From the beginning of my studies at SLC, I was able to secure work in the civil engineering field with a civil consultant as a summer student and as a full time employee upon graduation.  Working for them exposed me to many different aspects of civil engineering, from initial surveys, to design of projects, to executing the contract. Having built on my skills from SLC, I was hired as a field engineer with a large scale contractor building a state of the art medical facility. Without the skills developed years earlier at SLC I would not have been able to secure a job of this nature, excel and be a contributing team member on the project. I thoroughly enjoy what I do on a daily basis, being able to see progress and knowing that I was able to contribute is very rewarding. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in the civil engineering or construction field. The doors that are opened through the program are endless if you choose to explore them.
Matt Clouthier. (Class of 2010)
Field Engineer

"Hi, my name is James Flanders and I graduated from the Civil Engineering Technologist(CET) program at St. Lawrence College in 2014. In May 2011 I got laid off from my job and wanted to better my life and the life of my family. Out of all of the schools that offered the CET program SLC stood out to me. I still remember going to the March Open House and meeting the professors. The genuine interest and passion they showed in the program and the success of the students blew me away. Having been out of school for more than five years I was nervous coming back, but there was never once an occasion where I didn’t feel welcomed and valued as a participant to any class discussion or program event. The CET program is one of the most socially active programs at the college, and these networking opportunities between the program years is extremely beneficial. Now as a full time employee working in industry, I have had the opportunity to work with summer students who I knew personally from these events. Going back to school after being laid off was a challenge, but the faculty, and the staff at St. Lawrence made it a fantastic experience. I would recommend this program and this school to anyone."
James Flanders, class of 2014
Senior Designer,Planning & Design
Eastern Region, Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Provincial Highways Management

"As a mature student I was unsure about my choice to return to school. It didn't take long to realize I had made the right decision. I developed meaningful relationships with my teachers and classmates (many of whom are now my colleagues) and secured a full time job in my field before graduating. Thank you Civil Engineering Technology program staff at St. Lawrence for helping me achieve my goals."
Amanda Grypma, class of 2014 
Senior Designer, Planning & Design
Eastern Region, Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Provincial Highways Management

“The Civil Engineering Technology program at St. Lawrence College is preparing me for a successful career as a Civil Engineering Technologist, by providing me with a good balance of fundamental and hands-on skills.  I know this first hand as I was the successful candidate for a summer position with the Ministry of the Environment. In this position I was given the opportunity to work on a variety of Ministry projects as well as shadow many water and waste water treatment plant inspections."

"The Civil Engineering Technology program has also allowed me to participate and take leadership in fun and challenging extracurricular activities such as the Popsicle Stick Bridge building competition, the FebFest Snow Sculpture competition and College Open House events.”
Jessica Murray, Civil Engineering Technology 3rd year student, graduating 2015

“ I very much enjoyed my time at SLC. The faculty of the Civil Engineering Department were helpful and very knowledgeable. They provided me with the skills I have today and an ability to change and adapt with every new challenge. Since entering into the profession as a civil technologist, I have been involved in technical sales and project management with a precast concrete manufacturer. I am currently a sewer technologist/inspector specializing in trenchless rehabilitation for Utilities Kingston.” 
Robert Bowen, Civil Engineering Program, 2004