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Gas Technician

Available at: Kingston part-time


The Gas Technician courses are based on the provincial curriculum designed and approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and use CSA modules. Individuals wishing to work on gas-fired equipment (residential, commercial or industrial) must be certified by TSSA. For more information visit their website at

Important Information

CSA Codebooks may be ordered online at the Shop CSA website. Students are responsible for ordering/purchasing codebooks and any additional materials required for class. Information about the codebooks required for these courses will be available in the first class meeting.

Visit the Online and Continuing Education catalogue for course details and to register.


Gas Technician 3 (180 hours) 

This course is normally offered in September and will run until the middle of January. A second offering in the winter or spring term may be available depending on the demand for the course. 

Successful completion of this course (minimum 75%) entitles students to write the TSSA G3 Certification Exam.

Gas Technician 2 (420 hours)

This program consists of 5 courses, all required to complete the program. Course hours vary. A minimum of one G2 course is offered each term.

Successful completion (minimum 75% in each course) of theory and practical components in-class for GAST 2A, 2B and 2C entitles students to write the TSSA Certification Exam for Domestic Appliance Technician.

Successful completion (minimum 75% in each course) of theory and practical components in-class for all G2 courses entitles students to write the TSSA Certification Exam for Gas Technician.

Completing the G3 & G2 programs will take a minimum of 2 years (6 terms including spring/summer).

All courses run pending sufficient enrollment. 

For more information about booking your TSSA exam scroll to the bottom of this page to Additional Information.

Program Name

Gas Technician

Program Code


Start Dates

Program Duration


Location (Campus)

Kingston part-time

Canadian Fees

International Fees

Additional Costs

Scholarships and Bursaries

Program Outline

Gas Technician 3
GAST 3 Gas Technician 3

Gas Technician 2
GAST 2A Gas Piping Fitter (TSSA separate license)
GAST 2B Domestic Appliance Part 1
GAST 2C Domestic Appliance Part 2
GAST 2D Gas Technician - D
GAST 2E Gas Technician - E

Articulation & Credit Transfer Opportunities

SLC graduates have many options to continue their studies with post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world. Agreements between SLC and other institutions that are specific to this program are listed below. In addition, there are many credit transfer pathway agreements between colleges and universities within the province of Ontario. Please also visit to search for options relevant to your program area of study.

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants to the program must hold an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or must qualify for mature student status (19 years of age or older).

    Successful completion of the GAST 3 (minimum 75%) course or a G3 license is required before taking any Gas Technician 2 courses.


    Health Requirements


    At HDH/KGH we offer placement experi­ence for some of the St. Lawrence Col­lege HIM students in our Health Information Services Department. Students work closely with confidential client information in a variety of applied ways, and learn how health statistics contribute to the management of the organization and client care. The student will get “hands-on” experience applying the classification of diseases and interventions to the actual patient charts as well as experience in release of confidential patient information applying PHIPPA, Public Hospital Act and the Mental Health Act. This partnership in education has been a mutu­ally rewarding experience both for our organization and the HIM students.

    Rajan Gill, Manager, Health Information Technical Services HDH/KGH Kingston, ON Gill, Manager, Health Information Technical Services HDH/KGH, Kingston, ON

    Program Contact

    Debbie Baker

    Admissions Information

    Connect with a Student Recruitment Officer:

    International Students Contact:

    Additional Information

    The following is a brief overview of TSSA policies as they apply to examinations. See full policies and procedures at TSSA or contact

    TSSA fees (effective September 1, 2012)

    Application to Certification: $100
    Exam: $75

    Fees are payable to TSSA by credit card or cheque only.

    TSSA Exams, Re-writes, Challenges of a Higher Level License

    Students who successfully complete the G3 or G2 programs, receive three attempts to write the TSSA exam within one year of their practical completion date.

    TSSA examinations may be written, by appointment, at the College Test Centre if you have completed the G3/G2 program(s) at St. Lawrence College. There is a fee for using the Test Centre.

    Students are responsible for completing and signing the Application for Certification and Exam Application Forms. These will be made available to you once you have submitted your request for an exam.

    Ordering An Exam

    You are responsible for booking your examination (including re-writes and challenges) date and time with the St. Lawrence College Test Centre in Kingston, and for all associated fees. 

    1. Book your appointment with the College Test Centre (613-544-5400, ext. 1236).
    2. Download and complete this form - TSSA Exam Request Form.
    3. Email this form to The College must receive this form a minimum of 25 days prior to your scheduled examination date. Only orders received on this form, signed, will be processed.

    Exam Cancellations

    Your notice of cancellation must be received, in writing, by TSSA and, a minimum of 10 business days prior to the scheduled examination date. If you cancel without 10 business days' notice or miss your scheduled exam you are responsible for the $75 TSSA examination fee and any other fees associated with this cancellation.

    TSSA Challenge Examinations

    Challenges for theoretical portions must be approved directly by TSSA and may also be written, by appointment, in the College Test Centre. Requests for exam challenges must be accompanied by your TSSA approval letter at the time you order your examination. Follow the procedures for ordering a TSSA exam above. After successful completion of the theory examination (75% minimum), you are responsible for making arrangements with TSSA for your practical assessment.

    St. Lawrence College Test Centre

    The Test Centre (613-544-5400, ext. 1236) fee for all TSSA examinations is $75. These fees are in addition to the TSSA examination/application fees. Prices subject to change.

    Advanced Standing

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