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Apprenticeship is hands-on training for people who enjoy learning by doing. The training provides access to well-paid jobs that demand a high level of skill, judgment and creativity. Apprentices are paid while gaining work experience, with wages increasing with their level of skill. Apprenticeship is a proven industry-based learning system that combines job experience with technical training. Apprenticeships in Ontario are the responsibility of the provincial government with provisions to offer the apprenticeship in-school training programs in a variety of fields.

Carpentry Cook Hairstyling 


Students wishing to attend these programs must be employed or sponsored in their apprenticeship by their employer. Each apprentice registered in the certified trades must successfully complete these programs provided in a College of Applied Arts and Technology where the theory and practice of the trade is taught. This augments the practical training received on the job. Seventy per cent (70%) of the program is devoted to the technical specialty. The remaining time is spent on mathematics, science and employability skills to allow each tradesperson to understand the scientific basis of his/her trade and to keep current.

Apprenticeship Programs at St. Lawrence College

St. Lawrence College offers the following apprenticeship training programs for those currently employed in a trade:

Watch our video on YouTube to learn more about Skilled Trades programs at St. Lawrence College.