Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in Ireland

St. Lawrence College has agreements with several institutes for graduates of Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs.

In 2011, Colleges Ontario and the Institutes of Technology in Ireland concluded an agreement to provide opportunities for Ontario College Diploma and Advanced Diploma graduates to complete Bachelor’s degrees in Ireland. St. Lawrence College students and graduates can take these programs in a short duration at reduced prices.

Learn more about St. Lawrence College's agreements with:

The Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow) is one of Ireland’s most popular third level educational institutions and offers St. Lawrence College graduates with a comparatively affordable opportunity to upskill their qualifications.

Studies show that a period spent abroad enriches students’ lives in the academic field and leads to increased intercultural skills and self-reliance which can help to boost your employability upon graduation.

IT Carlow offers prospective students:

  • A great location! We are centrally located within the South East of Ireland which gives students a great base and provides opportunities for students to explore Ireland and Europe.
  • Opportunity for St. Lawrence College graduates to potentially upskill their qualifications into an internationally recognized degree or postgraduate qualification within an accelerated timeframe.
  • 93% employment rate for graduates rising to 96% within six months of graduation.
  • Safe, modern and compact campus with a wide range of student services and facilities to ensure a positive study experience.
  • Small class sizes which gives you relaxed access to our lecturers and offers you with an enhanced opportunity to get to know your classmates.
  • Diverse student population that helps to improve your global outlook exposes you to students from different cultures. IT Carlow has students from over 70 international destinations.
  • A wide range of clubs and societies which gives you opportunities to indulge your interests and try out new activities.

SLC programs with agreements with IT Carlow:

Atlantic Technological University (ATU) is one of Ireland’s most successful third-level educational institutions.

  • Located in the North West of Ireland, we are a regional leader in education, innovation, and economic and social development.
  • We deliver flexible contemporary programmes from higher certificate and degree level courses to taught postgraduate and research awards by traditional and online delivery.
  • We provide a focus for local business innovation and development through our Innovation Centre.
  • We have an excellent track record in collaborating with businesses, the community and the creative industries across our core disciplines of Business and Social Sciences, Engineering and Design and Science.
  • We are recognized for our integrity and openness; for providing a supportive and flexible learning environment for our students to achieve their potential.
  • We have an excellent track record for our innovation and research; and for being proactive, encouraging and entrepreneurial in our dealings with the business community.

Our philosophy is indeed the embodiment of what Yeats described as the ‘Pilgrim soul.’

SLC programs with agreements with ATU:

The Institute of Technology Tralee is located in the southwest of Ireland, near the Atlantic coast in County Kerry. Tralee is a vibrant student town with high quality recreation and leisure facilities, downtown student residences, and more. The Institute of Technology Tralee with two campuses has approximately 3,500 students enrolled in programs from two-year diplomas to Ph.D. Studies.

SLC programs with agreements with Tralee:

LYIT is a lively and inspirational place in the Northwest of Ireland that attracts a creative mix of 3,000 students from the local area and from 31 different countries, for a vibrant array of cultures and activities on campus and a friendly, supportive and relaxed atmosphere where students and staff work closely together.

LYIT's modern integrated campuses in Letterkenny and Killybegs encourage strong academic learning and career-focused practical experience. Every course they offer teaches the latest knowledge and skills that employers demand. LYIT has excellent facilities in all departments, such as a suite of graphic design studios, state-of-the-art nursing resources, special purpose laboratories, training kitchens and restaurant, and an on-campus business development centre.

SLC programs with agreements with LYIT:

Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) is a research-led university with an applied, industry-focused offering, world-class research and development capabilities, and state-of-the-art facilities. Spread across four counties and six campuses, TUS is Ireland’s first cross-regional university and home to 14,000 students.

SLC programs with agreements with Technological University of the Shannon:

Master's Degree Scholarship Opportunity

The Master of Business in Marketing & Management Strategy programme adopts the learner-centred instructional philosophy of Problem Based Learning (PBL). The aim is to prepare learners for the demands of real life marketing and management positions in a rapidly changing, knowledge-based economy. In a PBL environment, learners are encouraged to solve problems, which are set in a real world framework involving group work, encouraging discovering and the development of new knowledge.

Deliverables for PBL problems vary to include reports, presentations, web pages, news items, posters, manuals, research papers, models, etc. Problems and projects will mirror the types of situations learners are likely to encounter when they graduate and many will involve contact with outside companies.

The programme is aimed primarily at learners interested in acquiring a highly practical Masters-level qualification in Marketing and Management Strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve completed your OSAP application online, click the Submit button. Additional links will appear below your application, including a List of Required Documents. Here you will find the Program Information Form, this is for students attending a post-secondary school outside of Ontario or Canada and allows the institution to provide program information and costs required by OSAP. Please complete and save the form and email it directly to the International Office at the institution where you plan to study. The International Office will fill in the required details and email the completed form back to you. The final step requires you to mail or fax (807-343-7278), the completed Program Information Form directly to the Thunder Bay office. Keep checking your OSAP status online periodically to ensure you’ve completed all the necessary steps and that your application is processed as quickly as possible.

An Honours Bachelor degree from Ireland is the same as an Honours Bachelor degree in North America. Both typically take four years to achieve.

Applications should be submitted in February but earlier applications are encouraged.

Students have a choice – but advice and assistance is available and should be used.

Graduates from four-year Honours Bachelor degree programs can work for one year in Ireland after completing their studies.

There are two semesters in each academic year. The fall semester runs from mid-September to mid-January and the spring semester runs from late January to mid-May.


There is no time limit while the articulation agreement is in place but graduates should be aware that programs are subject to change which in turn may result in a change to the articulation agreement.

Yes, this articulation is open to international students and they will pay the same as Canadian students.

Please check with each individual institution for information on available childcare.

Not at this time.

It is recommended that students arrive a little before classes begin in mid-September to familiarize themselves with the town, the college and to get their Immigration Certificate of Registration. The international office organizes an induction day for international students prior to the commencement of classes.

If you hold a Canadian Driver's Licence or an international driving permit, you may drive in Ireland for the duration of your temporary visit (up to 12 months). If your stay in Ireland will be more than 12 months you can apply for an Irish driving licence but you will need to go through the full driver licensing procedure.

No, applying is free and Canadian citizens do not require a visa to enter Ireland. The Immigration Certificate of Registration cost is €300.

Can my partner travel to and work in Ireland while I study?

Yes, the following links will provide the information you need: Department of Foreign Affairs.

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