Placement Abroad

Doing placement abroad provides you with an exciting learning experience that takes you beyond the classroom. You can complete a program work placement in either Canada or abroad.

St. Lawrence College supports students who are interested in taking any placement abroad opportunities.

Getting started

Step 1: Talk to your Placement Coordinator about guidelines and the processes needed for completing a placement abroad.  

Step 2: Discuss your options and talk with your Program Coordinator & Placement Coordinator, identify your potential host employer/institution. It is your responsibility to locate and secure your placement opportunity.

Step 3: Connect with the Global Learning Centre ( and apply to the Global Learning Application and Bursary.

How to Apply

Step 1: Fill out and sign the Global Learning Form. You will need to get approval from your Program Coordinator.

Step 2: Provide a written personal statement (max. 300 words) including how the placement abroad program you are applying to fits with your academic and career aspirations, and how you will apply global/intercultural skills in your chosen field.

Step 3: Complete the Global Learning Form and your Personal Statement and submit these to the online Global Learning Application.

Application Deadline

Winter 2024 Placement: September 30, 2023

Spring 2024 Placement: February 1, 2024

Opportunities Abroad

Note: St. Lawrence College does not have any formal partnership relationship/agreements with the following organizations. The “opportunities abroad” section is a good place to start researching potential employers/institutions. Some institutions listed here are places our former students went to and came back with positive reports. It is your responsibility to locate and secure your placement opportunity.

Before you go

All students who will take placement abroad opportunities need to complete the mandatory course: Global and Intercultural Learning at SLC (GIL). Once your application is approved by the Global Learning Centre and Academic School, you will automatically be enrolled in this course on Blackboard. Staff from the Global Learning Centre will contact you and guide you on what you need to complete prior to departure.

Step 1: Please first complete the Risk Assessment in the GIL course (Module 5). Once the risk assessment form is completed and approved by the Global Learning Centre, you can start preparing for your trip and making travel arrangements.

Step 2: Please send your flight and other booking receipts to, indicate your student ID and name in the email entitled “bursary reimbursement”. Please note that the bursary will be reimbursed to you after your trip.  

After you return

  1. Complete your Anonymous Survey.

The survey will help us improve our services for you and future students. Please let us know what you liked and any suggestions to make the program better.

  1. Be our testimonials and volunteer.

Share your experience with us, you can inspire other SLC students to think about a global opportunity. The testimonial can be either written, a video, or photos. You can also join our volunteering program with our team!


Please refer to the Global Learning Bursary page under the FAQ section. 

After completing the risk assessment form and getting approved by the Global Learning Centre, you can start making your travel arrangements.

You need to complete the GIL course three weeks prior to departure and send receipts to the Global Learning Centre for your flight and other expenses to receive the bursary. Please note that you will have to pay upfront fees for your placement, the bursary will be given to you after your trip.