McDonald's & Ontario Colleges Partnership

Credit Transfer

Ontario Colleges and McDonald's Restaurants of Canada have partnered to offer educational opportunities to McDonald's employees.

St. Lawrence College will grant Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) for first-year business credit into the two-year Business Diploma or three-year Advanced Business Diploma programs to McDonald's Second Assistant Managers who have completed the Management Development Program Level 2 (MPD) through McDonald's.

Prerequisites (Mandatory):

  • Math: applicant to complete preadmission math assessment
  • Business Communication: applicant to complete a preadmission writing assessment
  • Completion of one general education elective course

Upon successful completion of the above requirements, you may complete a two-year Business Diploma in just one-year or a three-year Advanced Business Diploma in just two years!

About The Business Diploma Programs

Upon completion of your Business Diploma you will:

  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of principles and practices in the field of business
  • Be prepared to work in team settings and complete projects, presentations and research
  • Gain knowledge and skills in finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, sales, and information and communication technology
  • Experience work concepts in ethics, legal, and social responsibility.

How To Apply

  • Apply to St. Lawrence College using the advanced standing application option on the Application Service for Ontario's Public Colleges (OCAS) for Business or Business Administration
  • Once your application is received you will receive a letter requesting supporting documentation. You can then submit the following documents:
  1. McDonald's Canada Training Verification form signed by McDonald's National L&D Consultant (training must be completed within 3 years of the application)
  2. Any additional post-secondary transcripts that you may have

Colleges reserve the right to validate graduation from secondary school and original admission requirements.