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The Premier’s Awards celebrate the achievements of Ontario college graduates in the province and throughout the world. It's a gala award ceremony and in celebration of the graduates of Ontario's 24 Colleges. The 2017 Premier's Awards in Toronto on November 27, 2017 included two St. Lawrence College grads, representing all our grads and the contributions they make to our province. Below is a listing of our nominees by category:


Health Sciences
Patrick Hickey

Diploma Nursing 1976
Clinical Associate Professor (College of Nursing) 
Faculty Principal (Capstone Scholars Program)
University of South Carolina

The New York Times described Patrick Hickey as "a cross between Florence Nightingale and Indiana Jones" and while the description is apt, it misses the point somewhat. For Patrick, the personal is also the professional. Adventurer, philanthropist, social justice advocate, author, mentor, and, most importantly, nurse and teacher, are all words that describe him, but there is no boundary between them. His adventuresome nature informs his teaching and mentoring, while his philanthropy and advocacy are the natural outcome of his role as a nurse 

For the last five years, Patrick has run six medical mission clinics in rural Nicaragua, taking 30-75 undergraduate students with him on a yearly basis.

As the first nurse in the world to have completed the 7 Summits - climbing the highest mountains on each continent, including Everest, - Patrick used the experience to raise funds for the establishment of three nursing scholarships and raise awareness of nursing shortages stateside. 

When he became the Principal of the Capstone Program at USC, Patrick took his experience of mountaineering-while-heights-averse and challenged his students to identify and work on a Personal Challenge, just as he did. Today, he has gathered 15,000 challenges submitted by students over the last five years. His efforts in transformative learning with the 2000 Capstone Scholars in his charge have made him a sought-after speaker, and will form the basis of his second book: The Path to Student Success Starts with a Personal Challenge.



Recent Graduate
Fraser Radford

Fine Arts 2014
Visual Artist

Fraser Radford has already made a name for himself in the art world. In 2016 he was named one of the world's best Minimalist painters by the American Art Awards. In 2014, he saw a massive installation piece go on display at the Japanese embassy in Ottawa, and while still a student, apprenticed with one of the country's leading sculptors. His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across North America, and is held in private collections around the world. He continues to explore, and with his “No brushes allowed” workshops, encourages his fellow artists to join him