2021 Resiliency Bursary


This year, recognizing the unprecedented circumstances under which the Class of 2021 is graduating, we want to create a legacy that will last a lifetime for the Class of 2021.

Putting students first is a significant part of why we are #ProudToBeSLC. Donors, including graduates like you, have established awards and bursaries to support students to succeed in their education. Perhaps you were even the recipient of one of these awards while studying at SLC.

In honour of you, we are creating the Class of 2021 Resiliency Bursary. This bursary is established by SLC Alumni and is funded by our fantastic partner, TD Insurance. Find out more about alumni benefits.

The endowed bursary will be awarded annually to a student and is a legacy your graduating class can be proud of.

Class of 2021 Resiliency Bursary

Criteria: Created in honour of the resiliency shown by the Class of 2021 in completing their education during a global pandemic, this bursary will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need to a returning student enrolled in any full-time program, who has overcome challenges and demonstrated resilience in their time at SLC.

What is an endowed bursary?

When capital is invested to create a bursary, the annual interest earned is used to fund student support. As the original investment (endowed principal) remains untouched, the award lives on forever, and the Class of 2021 Resiliency Bursary is a legacy in your name that will keep on giving.

Why are bursaries important?

We think the words of a past student bursary recipient say it best:

 “Your bursary made a huge difference in me going to college this year. Truth is that even though I was very lucky to have found a good job this summer, I didn't have enough money to get me through my two semesters completely. Together with another bursary, I will be able to successfully complete my program without having to choose between school or putting food on the table.”


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