Art Threads: Kingston Fibre Artists’ Favourite Techniques

September 30 – December 8, 2023

About Us

Kingston Fibre Artists is a small group of Kingston and area artists who have chosen to use textiles and stitching as their primary art medium. All our designs are original. We explore and share techniques to enrich and expand the tradition of hand and machine stitching.

The group was formed in 1997 by Hilary Scanlon, who has been a long-time leader in the local fibre arts community. Kingston Fibre Artists’ original mandate was to “keep the ancient art of hand embroidery alive and well, explore new techniques, share and learn with each other, and aim for a professional standard of work, including research, record-keeping, presentation and display.”

The group meets monthly and holds annual gallery displays, both as a challenge and focus for their work, and to share their creativity with others. KFA has chosen to remain small, inviting new members only to replace those who leave. Because individual styles and interests vary widely, our shows have been described as intellectually stimulating, exciting and artistically strong.

Over the past 26 years, the use of fibre has evolved as it has gradually become more accepted as a viable art medium, expressing an individual’s vision, ideas, or feelings. Our work can be sculptural, three-dimensional, free-floating, pictorial, felted, knit, dyed, beaded, quilted, abstract or literal. It may carry a message, evoke emotions, or tell a story. It can have minimum stitching, or be composed of hundreds of tiny stitches, be brilliantly coloured, or a sombre monotone.

Welcome to the show!

Participating Artists: