Community Outreach Program

School and Group Visits to the Gallery

As the region's only public gallery, we invite groups and classes of all ages to visit free of charge!

The Gallery provides workshops for visiting groups that are developed to support the current provincial curriculum, as well as introduce students to gallery operations and its role in our community. Visits for schools generally last 1-3 hours, including time for snacks/lunch depending on time of day. Lead by the curator, students use their imagination and critical thinking skills to express their likes and dislikes of different artistic styles, are introduced to the formal elements of art and related vocabulary, and discuss how art is used to document history, express ideas, and convey emotion. Students are encouraged to share their own art experience, ideas, and opinions.

Contact the Gallery to arrange your visit!

Prior to visiting, teachers will receive information on the current exhibit and what activity you will be doing as a class. A waiver for photographs will be provided for parents to sign and return with your standard permission forms.

Upon arrival, the Curator/Gallery Assistants will guide your group to a classroom reserved for your use. Once settled, the Curator will welcome the group and guide a discussion on the gallery and current exhibit, as well as expectations and etiquette within the gallery.

Depending on size, the group may be divided into two sections. One group is then taken to the gallery to experience the current exhibit, complete an activity (i.e. gallery scavenger hunt) and if time allows, tour the College's Visual & Creative Arts - Fine Arts and Music Theatre - Performance classrooms, while the other group creates an art project developed to support the current provincial curriculum. Sections then switch so all visitors have the same experience. Groups will then have time to eat their lunches/snacks (if brought), before leaving the College.

High School Visitors are encouraged to schedule their visit to correspond with classes in our full-time Visual & Creative Arts - Fine Arts program so that they may observe the post-secondary study of fine art, or to participate in lectures and demos provided by visiting/exhibiting artists, to develop critical thinking skills that allow them to examine and critique their own work in preparation for further study in the arts. High School students will be introduced to the Gallery's quadrennial 'untapped' exhibit, which they are invited to participate in.

Let Us Bring the Gallery to You

If your school is located within Brockville, it is possible for Gallery staff to attend your class and run a simple art activity. In-school visits last 1-1.5 hours depending on grade. Gallery staff may require additional set-up/clean-up time.

School visits are entirely free of charge. Gallery staff will bring all required materials. It may be possible to run multiple workshops in one day across different grades. Please contact the Gallery for details.

Gallery staff will arrive early to set up for the workshop. As a component of our visit, we may require the use of whatever projection device is used in your school (i.e. SMART board) and the internet. Any other specific room requirements, (i.e. access to water) will be discussed prior to our visit.

We will come prepared with all materials and supplies required for your class. Please ensure you have provided us with accurate participant numbers so that we have sufficient supplies.

  • Prior to visiting, please sign and return (via email, fax, or post) the confirmation letter for your class.
  • Please have parents sign and return a photography waiver (provided) prior to our visit.
    -->The Gallery uses photographs to obtain funding in order to provide these services free of charge to the community, as well as for use on our website and to release to media. We respect the privacy and safety of all students, and ask that parents be made aware of the possibility their child may be photographed.
  • Art is messy business. Please remind students to bring or wear messy clothes.
  • Arrange and cover desks. Small groups of 4-5 work best to make sharing supplies easier.
  • Access to a sink or water may be required.
  • Gallery staff will arrive approximately 30-45 minutes prior to the activity. Please arrange for staff to have access to the area being used.
  • It is easiest to set up during recess or break.
  • The teacher or school staff must remain with gallery staff while students are present.
  • The classroom teacher is responsible for classroom management.