Elly Ayling

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Elly Ayling

Program of Completion: Graphic Design, 2013

Elly Ayling is an illustrator, designer and strategist based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Soft subjects with punchy palettes are her favourite things to work on—so usually, she's illustrating nature and pretty girls. By day, she works in non-profit to help advocate for underserved communities and fund grassroots orgs that uplift them. 


About the Artwork

u good? 
24 x 32

"u good?" is the glittery, well-intentioned check-in from a friend or colleague on a Wednesday at 3. Through the pandemic we've soldiered on digitally, sifting through web tabs and windows, looking for a way out of the mountain of work we've collected. The question is: after nearly two years, are digital check-ins enough? Are we caring for others, or ourselves, in the way we really need right now?