Dynamic Designs Training Salon

Full-Service Training Salon

Our students will strengthen their skills and knowledge gained through valuable hands-on experience.

Program faculty along with salon advisors oversee all aspects of operations and treatments in the salon and strive to inspire the students to achieve and surpass their limits. For all of our services, we have chosen top quality professional products. To maintain the results of your service we recommend following up with home care products that are available for purchase. We appreciate your support of our program by allowing our students to perform your services, as we strive to provide you with the best quality experience within a training environment.


All chemical services include haircut & required treatments.
All the prices listed below are starting rate prices and are subject to change. All prices are non-gender specific and are based on length and design.


All Prices are non-gender specific and are based on length and design.

*Prices listed are starting rate prices and are subject to change. 

Short Hair (4”-)                         $12+

Medium Hair (4”-8”)                $15+

Long Hair (8”+)                          $20+

Textured Hair-Dusting             $20+


Shampoo/Style                         $10

Curls or waves                           +$6

Updo                                            $17


*Includes Shampoo and hydration treatment

2 Strand Twist set                     $15+

Twist-Out                                    $20+

Comb Coils                                 $20+

Box Braids with natural hair  $30+

Box Braids with braid-in         $50+

Plaits with natural Hair           $15+

Plaits with braid-in                   $50+

Starter Loc’s                               $30+

Loc Re-twist                                $30+

*Prices listed are starting rate and are subject to change.

  • Retouch                                      $35+
  • Full Colour                                  $ 40+
  • Foil Highlights          Full            $50+
  •                                     Half           $35+
  •                                     Accent     $20+
  • Toners                                         $20+
  • Free hand (Balayage)              $75+


*All prices listed are starting rate prices and are subject to change.

Short Hair Wave     $40+

Long Hair Wave       $60+

Hair Smoothing       $70+

Hair Relaxing            $70+



  • Manicure: $14
  • Spa manicure: $16
  • Shellac manicure: $ 29
  • Shellac application: $19
  • French Shellac: $32
  • Pedicure: $20
  • Spa pedicure: $24
  • Shellac pedicure: $37

Add on:

  • French polish: $4
  • Polish change: $7
  • Paraffin treatment: $7
  • Moisturizing Mask: $9

A complete mechanical facial rejuvenation, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, restores skin elasticity, activates cell renewal, combats pigmentation and improves the overall appearance of your skin! A series of 6 treatments is recommended for optimum benefits.

  • 30 min: $50
  • Series of 6 treatments: $250

A 3-in-1 super facial: exfoliate + infuse + oxygenate
Benefits: Scientifically proven oxygenation, reduce the appearance of pores, renewed youthful glow, increased collagen, reduce brown spots, skin-plumping & hydrating, reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A series of 6 treatments is recommended for optimum benefits.

  • 45 min: $64
  • Series of 6 treatments: $320

This treatment will firm, tone, and revitalize your tired eyes. It will visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and will give your eyes a fuller, restful appearance.

  • 45 min $16; included in your facial: $11
  • Lash tint: $12
  • Brow tint: $8
  • Lash + Brow tint: $18
  • Lash lift: $36

Never wax or shave again! Sharplight is a new type of hair removal technology that utilizes intense pulsed light to disable the cells within the hair follicle and stop the hair from growing back. This unique way of removing unwanted hair is gentle, quick, easy, non-invasive, effective and affordable. Our price is per treatment. For optimum results, a series of 6 treatments is recommended. With the purchase of 5 treatments, the 6th one is complementary.

  • Upper Lip: $30
  • Chin: $30
  • Cheeks / Sideburns: $40
  • Full face: $60
  • Neck (front or back): $40
  • Under arms: $40
  • Full arms / Hands: $80
  • Half arms: $45
  • Hands & Fingers: $20
  • Bikini Line (Basic): $30
  • Bikini +: $40
  • Brazilian (Full Bikini): $75
  • Full legs: $120
  • Full legs / Bikini: $140
  • Lower legs: $70
  • Upper legs: $70
  • Upper legs / Bikini: $100
  • Feet / Toes: $20
  • Abdomen (Male): $60
  • Chest (Male): $65
  • Shoulders (Male): $40
  • Full Back (Male): $120
  • Buttocks: $50
  • Back Treatment: De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing treatment. 60 min. $46
  • Body Polish: Using sea salts and essential oils this treatment will leave your skin smooth, silky, perfectly hydrated, and glowing. 30 min. $26; With 30 min. massage $46
  • Relaxation Massage: A full body massage with essential oils that improves circulation and relieves tension. 30 min. $21; 60 min. $36
  • Hot Stone Massage: This relaxing experience melts away stress, tension and promotes harmony and peace of mind. 75 min. $39
  • Thai & Herbal Stem Massage: A Thai and Swedish massage all-in-one treatment is a combination of a natural herbal treatment and heat. It will balance your body, mind and soul. 75 min. $41
  • Lava Shell Massage: Naturally self-warming Tiger Clam Shells glide over your body to alleviate stress and tension while the warming energy of the minerals helps to revitalize and rebalance your body and mind. 60 min. $46
  • Bamboo: This new and unique massage creates a luxurious and exotic experience with efficient and natural eco-friendly Bamboo. 60 min. $46

The advanced technologies of our body contouring system will target and dramatically reduce localized cellulite and fat deposits, producing quick, visible and long-lasting results.

  • 60 min. $ 40
  • series of 6 treatments: $ 200

This treatment is designed to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth rough skin texture, aid in clearing acne, and help fade hyper-pigmentation. For optimal results we recommend a series of 6 treatments.

  • 45 min: $30
  • Series of 6 treatments: $160

France Laure and Dermalogica professional skin care products are used for all facials. Retail sizes are available for your home care.

  • Mini Facial: Perfect for a quick fix for all skin types. This condensed version of the basic facial gives you healthy glowing skin in thirty minutes! 30 min. $23
  • Basic Facial: A compete facial tailored to your skins’ needs. Leaves you with clean, perfectly balanced, healthy skin and a radiant complexion. 60 min. $30
  • Deluxe Facial: One of the most elaborate, personalized and relaxing treatments that encourages flawless skin. The results are purified and replenished skin, toned and re-energized and optimum relaxation. 90 min. $39

This customized facial is ideal for demanding skin types that has begun to show signs of aging. 90 min. $39 + the price of the added treatment from the following:

  • Collagen Sheet: Optimal hydration visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and will give your skin a fuller, smoother, and glowing appearance. $39
  • Proto-Lift: For all skin types showing obvious signs of aging. It restores suppleness and firmness, and redefines facial contours. $30
  • Bio-Laure: A revitalizing antiradical treatment designed to smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize your skin. $30
  • Thermessence: Ideal for mature skin in need of regeneration and toning. Result is visibly younger looking skin with vanished wrinkles. $28
  • Dermolyse: A superior peeling for deep cleansing and skin renewal. Ideal for the following skin types and conditions: mature, flaccid, acneic, oily, thick, enlarged pores,pigmentation and dull skin. $21+

A new, safe and effective type of skin rejuvenation technology that uses intense pulses of light to treat aging and tired skin, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, coarse skin texture, and broken capillaries. Even though results can be noticeable after the first treatment, we recommend a series of 6 for spectacular results.

  • Rejuvenating Treatment: This treatment gives the skin a more youthful appearance in a natural way; toning down the signs of aging. It decreases fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and reduces pore size, giving the skin a visibly smoother and firmer look.
    30 min. $50; Series of 6 treatments $250
  • Sun Damage: This treatment reduces and even removes a wide variety of pigmentation marks. Including: age spots, sun damage and freckles. The skin is brighter, lighter, and looks more youthful.
    30 min. $50; Series of 6 treatments $250
  • Eyebrows: $9
  • Upper lip: $8
  • Chin: $8
  • Combo of three: $18
  • Bikini: $11
  • Brazilian: $31
  • Full leg and bikini: $40
  • Full leg without bikini: $31
  • Lower leg: $19
  • Upper leg and bikini: $24
  • Underarm: $11
  • Back: $19
  • Chest: $19
  • Arms: $19
  • Half arm: $15

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