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Below are some forms used in helping us provide our services at Student Wellness & Accessibility: 

  • Register with Student Wellness & Accessibility by letting us know more about you - Intake Form
  • Know about what you need to do if you have been approved by certain accommodations - Academic Accommodations Student Information Checklist
  • Renew or update your accommodation needs by letting us know if or how they have changed - Academic Accommodations Student Renewal Form
  • Know what you are responsible for when you have been approved for academic accommodations - Academic Accommodations Student Responsibilities Form
  • To be filled out by Student and Regulated Health Care Professional, this form is part of the documentation supporting the provision of academic accommodations - Functional Assessment Form (Confirmation of Disability Form)
  • If you have alternative format textbooks as an accommodation, fill out this form every semester to request your books in alternative format - Altmedia Request Form 
  • All service animals must be registered with Student Wellness & Accessibility. Start the registration process by filling out form, and submitting it to - Service Animal Request Form
  • A form that is part of the Service Animal registration - Contact for Service Animal and Partner  
  • A must-read for all students who receive academic accommodations through Student Wellness & Accessibility - Student Accommodation Guide
  • Confidentiality/Consent Form