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Behavioural Intervention Team


Connect and share. Every little BIT helps.

The St Lawrence College (SLC) Behavioural Intervention Team (BIT) is made up of a group of caring individuals who work to ensure the campus is a safe place to live, study and work.  The work of BIT is reliant upon reports from the college community about observed behaviours of concern.  Therefore, the whole SLC community has a part to play in campus wellness and safety.

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Make a Report

The top priority of the SLC Behavioural Intervention Team is the safety and well being of students, staff, faculty and the college community.  We want to be notified of individuals on campus who are experiencing distress or jeopardizing campus safety.  As a team we coordinate resources and facilitate a caring, restorative approach to best assist the individual of concern.  You can make a report anonymously online or contact the BIT directly to voice your concern.

Concerned about someone? Here’s what you can do:

1.If you believe that the individual is at risk of imminent harm to themselves or someone else, call 911 immediately.

2. In the absence of an emergency, please fill out this form.