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At you will gain access to many college systems including your email, blackboard, timetable, booklists, grades, and more. As a new and returning student you need to log on to to access your information and more. Want to know more about what offers? Check out our User Guide.

Logging in for the first time

Follow these simple steps if you are logging on for the first time:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your college username and password

You will be notified that your account is ready through your personal email account that you registered with OCAS. This email will contain your username and password. If you have difficulty locating this email, there are two formats for usernames, either it will be a five digit alphanumeric code (example: 25gh8) or will be your first initial, last name, and day of your birthday (example: John Doe, birthday June 07: Jdoe07). If you are unsure of your username, please contact IT Student Help Desk.

We set a default network password for new students or if your account has not been accessed for some time. It is the number 0 immediately followed by your 7-digit St. Lawrence College student number.

Your St. Lawrence College student number can be found on any status notice you have received from the college. With a student number of 4999999, the password would be 04999999.

For security reasons the first time you log on to the college network you will be required to change your password immediately. This must be an 8-character password which contains both letters and numbers.

Where is my timetable?

Click on the pink "My Timetable" icon.  This takes you to your Student Center and a display of your courses, days and times for the current week in alphabetical order.

For other views, click on the orange My Hub icon and then, under Academics, click on Enroll.  My Class Schedule displays a more detailed view of your courses.  Use the radio buttons at the top of the display to select either List View or a Weekly Calendar View where you can change the week and filter by date and time of day. There are additional display options at the bottom of the page, along with a printer friendly page.  (To see all of your courses, remember to pick a week with no holidays.)

Having issues signing in?

Here are some explanations on why you may not be able to get into your account:

  1. You are not enrolled in classes in the current term, dependent on each department.
  2. Previous courses you have taken have not been graded.

  3. You are not withdrawn from previous course.

  4. You are not enrolled in a class that makes you eligible for an account, such as Continuing Education or Corporate Learning.

  5. Your fees are not paid. If recently paid, it will take 2-3 days to register.

  6. All passwords were reset for the Fall term to 0 + Student ID. All accounts will lockout after 5 failed attempts. This lockout will reset in approximately 10 minutes so that you can try again.

Here is what to do:

  • Be patient and keep trying. An automated process runs to create student accounts every morning (except for weekends). All, if not most, students should have an account by August 20.
  • Contact your program school to ensure that all information is correct and entered, such as correct spelling and birth date.

  • Ensure that all fees are paid or deferral arrangements have been made with Student Services.

If you still cannot get onto your account, try contacting the IT Service Desk directly by email at or by phone at ext. 1000 through your college campus:

Brockville – 613-345-0660
Cornwall – 613-933-6080
Kingston - 613-544-5400

Thank you for your patience!