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The Eagle's Nest Indigenous Centre is a comfortable space for Indigenous students to relax, study, and interact with other Indigenous students.

Kingston Campus - Room 03030

Brockville Campus - Room 277

Cornwall Campus - Room A103

The Eagle's Nest Indigenous Centre features

  • Indigenous resources
  • Computers
  • Areas for work and relaxation
  • Craft sessions and other cultural activities

Indigenous Advisors are on site in all three locations, and may also be reached by email or phone. To contact Jessie or Shirley by phone without long distance charges, simply dial the campus number followed by the relevant extension.

Kingston Campus

Jessie Pengelly
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room 03030, Kingston Campus
613-544-5400 ext. 1874


Shirley Chaisson
Indigenous Student Advisor
613-933-6080 ext. 2365

Brockville students can also receive support by visiting, calling, or emailing Maggie Lance, your Student Success Facilitator: Room 202, 613-345-0660 ext. 3756, or


Shirley Chaisson
Indigenous Student Advisor
Eagle's Nest Indigenous Centre, Room A103
613-933-6080 ext. 2365

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